Myth Busting: What are portable buildings?

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When you hear the word portable building it is easy to think that we are trying to sell you a cheap plastic event tent. And some people might want that for what they need. But a Portable building is something far more than some thin plastic and pvc pipes. And even more than a plastic shed or old school carport. We sell a full line of true portable buildings but before we start to make you feel confused, let us talk about what a portable building actually is. 

What is a portable building?

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We define a portable building as something like a custom built, shed, garage or cabin. These kinds of buildings are truly portable as they are built on skid style flooring. These portable buildings can be brought to you on our trucks no matter your desired location. This gives you the ability to have your portable building placed wherever you would like on your property.

With the variety of portable buildings available to you on the market, it may feel difficult to know which one is right for your needs. Let us give you a better understanding about what portable buildings are. What they can be and how they look.

Are all portable buildings the same design?

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Absolutely not! We have multiple styles of portable buildings and styles from sheds to garages even something as grand and eye catching as our Estate Cabin.

what is considered a portable shed

What is considered a portable shed?

Myth: Portable Sheds are always cheaply made.

When you hear about a portable shed it is easy to be misled and think that all that it is a cheap plastic shed. Vinyl sheds are a plastic structure solution and not something that will stand the test of time. Plastic sheds are the idea your local big box store will try to push off on you as the solution you need, knowing full well you will be back for another one down the road when it inevitably fails. Besides, if you needed a small storage solution, you may have just gotten rid of the unneeded items you wanted to store anyway. 

Myth-busted: A quality Portable Shed is a custom built and high quality versatile building.

A portable shed is a shed that is built on a skid system that can be moved. A portable building like this is easily moved whenever you need or want it to be placed. This makes a true portable shed the ideal solution to your more permanent storage needs. This means that you have the ability to have versatile storage that is sufficient, useful and customizable 

what is considered a portable garage

What is considered a portable garage?

Myth: A Portable Garage is just a fancy way to say “carport”.

Portable garages often conjure up the idea of the old carports for the 70’s. They allow your vehicle to be partially stored away from the elements, but not totally out of the inclement surroundings. These structures don’t really take care of the ultimate issues that you are having when it comes to wanting to protect your vehicle. Keeping it out of the elements so that you can increase the longevity of your vehicle. 

Myth Busted: A Portable Garage is a full size garage (or larger) that sits separate from your home.

A portable building, like our garages, awards you the opportunity to have a garage space that completely covers your vehicles from the inclement weather. This kind of portable building will also give you the added benefit of additional storage space. This is made possible by giving you the convenience of a garage without the headache of permits needed for an addition to your home or office space.

what is considered a portable cabin

What is considered a Portable Cabin?

Myth: Portable Cabins are high end Camper Trailers or Tiny Homes.

When you hear of a portable cabin your mind may wander to the tiny house movement or the committed lifestyle of RV living. A home that is truly on wheels and can be a portable living arraignment no matter where you want to go. And while that may be alluring to some it’s not what all of us want. This is not what is considered a portable cabin.

Myth Busted: Portable Cabins are a permanent structure that are transported to your desired location.

A portable building, like the cabins we offer, is totally different from a tiny home on wheels. We utilize a skid system allowing us to load up your dream vacation home and bring it to you. Or even move your home to your favorite vacation spot.

We have seen people use our portable cabins as guest quarters, hobby space or a cabin in the woods. No matter the application a portable cabin should be like your dreams, a place that you can run away to for rest and relaxation. 

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Are portable buildings all created equal?

Absolutely not! Some companies will try to sell you the idea that what you are needing is the one size and style design that they have available. We have multiple styles of portable buildings for each one of our building styles.

We believe that when you look at buying a portable building you need it to look the way that you want it to look while it serves its needed purpose. We don’t want you to just accept what you think is available to you at a big box store. That is why we make our portable buildings as customizable as possible.  

We have made sure that we are buildings are built to high standards and not just put together in a slap-dash manner. If you would like to see the technical aspects of our portable buildings you can do that here.

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Can I customize my portable building? 

Yes! All of our buildings are completely customizable! Some of the features that can be custom selections are:

How many and where you want your windows placed.

The style placement and amount of doors you have placed.

The Paint Color(s) of the Building.

The material and color of your roof.

You can see even more of the additional customizable features and specs by clicking here.

What styles are available for each Portable Building type?

As we discussed before, we believe that your portable building should not only be built with integrity but also built with the ability to look pleasing to the eye. Total customization is one of our missions, we have multiple building styles for each portable building. 

Our Portable Shed Styles

Our full line of sheds consist of 6 totally unique portable building styles. Each portable building style offers an endless possibility of uses. 

portable garden shed for sale in mo

Garden Shed

Offering a classic look and budget friendly prices. This portable shed gives you the ability to have storage needs fulfilled simply and economically.

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Estate Shed 

Offering a regal look and upscale feel. This portable shed will help give you a classy and timeless look for all the storage needs that you have.

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Lofted Barn

Offering a classic barn style appearance and additional storage from the added height, this portable shed will offer you plenty of extra space.

portable buildings in mo mini barn portable sheds

Mini Barn

With gambrel roof design this cost friendly barn style option wont leaving you worried about hitting your head upon entry.

portable builds infenton mo livery sheds


Giving you the aesthetic of a horse stable, the design offers a unique storage solution. This portable building gives you the ability section of storage easily.

custom built sheds for sale in mo


Using your creativity and our craftsman’s experience we can build something that will make your portable shed stand out! You probably won’t want a shed with a tilt like this… but you get the idea!

Our Portable Garage Styles

Our full line of portable garages are complete with 3 different building styles to choose from. Modeled from our shed designs you can have a garage and shed matching combo if you so choose!

portable building standard garages in jefferson mo


The Standard portable garage is a budget friendly option that offers the ability to store your belongings and vehicle(s).

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The Estate portable garage offers a classy look with a steep pitched roof. This give you the added bonus of extra assurance that weight from snow loads will be no issue.

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The Lofted portable garage offers you added height and gives you greater storage ability because of the added loft space. 

Our Portable Cabin Styles

Our full line of portable cabins come in 3 jaw dropping options all modeled after the same basic designs of our portable shed buildings. This means if you really wanted to you could clear out your land and have a matching portable shed, garage and cabin all on the same property.

portable buildings for sale in mo standard cabin


The standard portable cabin is ideal for the person looking for a small hunting cabin or retreat center looking to make bunk houses. Offering a small porch this building style offers little more to be desired. 

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The Lofted portable cabin is a great option if you are looking for additional sleeping space without the need to add in additional ground space. The lofted space of this cabin offers not only a great storage area but also a great sleeping quarters.

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The Estate portable cabin gives you the elegance of a custom built on site home at the price point of a prefab structure. Boasting a dramatic interior space with elegant exterior. These portable buildings are sure to be a show stopping feature!

Now what do I do about getting a portable building?

As you can see a portable building is not a plastic shed or an old school carport, but a beautifully crafted portable building. Our portable buildings are built with integrity, durability and high quality! If you find yourself wanting to learn more about our portable buildings take a look at our free catalog or get a free quote for the portable building style you want. At 5 Star Buildings we stand by our desire to serve our customers: “YOU Dream it. WE Build it!”