Shed Delivery In Missouri You Dream It. We Bring It.

At 5-Star Buildings, our shed delivery policy has been to bring and set-up your building on your property free of charge* (of course, site preparation is your responsibility). When we arrive at your home to deliver your building, we use our “mule” to help get your building just where it’s supposed to be.** The “mule” is a small portable forklift with flotation tires that hooks to one end of the building with a set of wheels at the other end. This mule lets us maneuver the building around trees and other obstacles. If you aren’t sure about whether your shed will fit on your property, feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to help.

Although our buildings can be set directly on the ground, we don’t recommend this option. Gravel pads are one of the best options to place a building on, and we highly encourage this option. If you choose not to use gravel pads, we level and block the first 8″ on all our buildings. If you want your shed to be blocked higher than 8″, you will be charged $4 per block by our driver. But if you supply your own blocks, we will install them at no additional cost. And finally, before we leave you with your 5-Star shed, garage, or cabin, we always make sure that your shed is level and that your doors and windows are working properly.

* We allot 1 hour of time to set up your shed. This amount of time is sufficient time for 95% of our deliveries. Any additional time will be charged at $150 per hour.

**We will do our best to be careful, but we are not responsible for any yard damage on your property.