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Custom Shed Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Of The Buildings That You Offer Customizable?

Yes. All of our sheds, garages, and cabins can be customized. While not everything can be changed on your shed, our 3-D Shed Builder can be

Can I choose Where I Want To Put My Custom Shed Doors?

Yes. You can choose where you would like to have your shed doors placed. Some people have found that they like the look of a traditional-centered design. In contrast, others have found that they like having the door offset to the left or the right of the building. We are happy to accommodate whatever you decide meets your needs the best.

Can I Have Multiple Door Sizes On My Custom-Built Shed?

Yes. Your shed can have multiple door sizes and styles. In fact, you may find having two-door styles is ideal to suit the needs you have. A way that people find two different door sizes helpful is to have on that is a single wide quick access door and use the other as a double wide “load in” door for larger items.

Can I Choose Where I Want To Place My Custom Shed’s Windows?

Yes. Some people enjoy having a lot of windows, while others prefer the privacy of no windows. Whatever you decide, we can work with you and our 3-D builder tool to determine the proper amount of windows for you.

Can I Have Multiple Window Styles For My Custom Shed?

Yes. While most of the sheds we build come with a basic window package, you can always add more windows. In reality, people have found that the more windows that they have, the more they enjoy using the space.

Can I Have Multiple Paint Colors On My Custom Shed?

Yes. We can accommodate multiple paint colors for your shed. This allows your shed to have a look all its own or have an HOA-approved color pallet.

Can I Have A Stronger Floor In My Custom Shed?

Yes. Your shed can have the same floor system that we use in our garages. By choosing this option, you will have your floor joist spaced apart at 12” on-center instead of 16” on-center. We have found this helpful when storing a small-sized yet very heavy item. Such items would include pavers or weights used for weight lifting.

What Can Not Be Customized On My Shed?

We do our best to accommodate the needs of our clients. However, to provide you with the best quality shed possible, there are a few items we can not change. Despite that, we have found that most people are able to find a shed that suits their needs relatively easily.

Can I Change The Angle Of The Windows On My Custom Shed?

No. When you use our 3-D Builder, you can see how your windows may be placed within your shed. However, the designs you can develop in the designer are all buildings that we can accommodate.

Can I Change The Roofline Of My Custom Shed?

To provide you with the best quality, we do not change the roof line of our sheds. We offer several roof lines to accommodate the needs that you may need. Additionally, if you like a certain roof style that you like but are not seeing the building that you like, head over to our 3-D Shed Builder. This will allow you to figure out how your shed needs can be accommodated.

Very Happy With Our 5 Star Building!

Wow! We are so thrilled with your building. The build quality is great. It is so much better than the poorly made sheds at the big box stores. I have had a number of friends that are in construction comment on the build quality. Very happy with our 5 Star Building!