Building Options & Colors You Dream It. We Build It.

At 5-Star Buildings, we love to build high-quality and beautiful sheds, garages, and cabins. All of our buildings are customizable to meet the needs and tastes of each individual. That is why we build our sheds with top-of-line construction features and offer a large selection of colors, optional features, and customization items for you to choose from. By choosing the paint color, the number and size of your windows, door trim, and other shed options and features, you are able to make a 5-Star building everything YOU have wanted. Add insulated floors if you want, including a ramp, throw in a garage door, or any of our other shed options and features.

You dream it. We’ll build it. So head on over to our 3-D Builder and get started today!

Wall & Trim Colors For Portable Buildings

Being able to pick the right colors for the walls and trim of your portable building is almost as important as the building itself. At 5 Star Buildings, we have 16 standard colors that are always available for you to choose from. On the other hand, we always offer the ability to have a totally customized color. This is especially helpful if you live in an HOA and only certain colors are approved for use.

Metal Roofing Colors For Portable Buildings

At 5-Star Buildings, all of our sheds, garages, and cabins come standard with 29 gauge metal roofing. We offer 19 metal roofing colors that are always available for your building. However, if you choose to go with a copper-finished roof, there is a slight increase in the price.

Shingle Roofing Colors For Portable Buildings

While we think that a metal roof is the highest quality, we know that not everyone likes the look of a metal roof.  For that reason, we have 7 shingle roofing colors. However, there is a 3% upcharge for electing a shingle roof instead of a metal roof.