Rent To Own Sheds In Missouri

Your desire to buy a shed has become much easier with our rent-to-own shed program! We understand that sometimes you need storage, but the cash in hand just isn’t quite there yet. At 5 Star Buildings, we are more than just shed builders. We care about our community and, more specifically, the needs you have. To alleviate the pressure of a lump sum financial burden, we are happy to offer you rent-to-own sheds in Missouri. To give you the ability of a rent-to-own shed, we have partnered with DMD Solutions to facilitate your payments.

We offer two rent-to-own options.

Rent To Own Shed Payment Options In MO

18 month rent to own shed

Rent To Own Sheds | 18-Month

1 Month Of Payment Down 

Estimated Payment Of $69 per $1,000

Example: $5,000 Shed = $345 Monthly Payment

Higher Payment = Faster Ownership Of Your Rent To Own Shed

36 month rent to own shed

Rent To Own Sheds | 36-Month

1 Month Of Payment Down

Estimated Payment Of $47 per $1,000

Example: $5,000 Shed = $235 Monthly Payment

Lower Payment = Less Financial Burden Every Month

Frequently Asked Questions About Rent To Own Sheds:

Can I Do The Rent-To-Own Shed Option If I have Bad Credit?

Yes. We’ve all hit a rough patch with our finances, and that shouldn’t define you! We do not do a credit check for our rent-to-own sheds.

What Is The Most Expensive Rent To Own Shed I Can Rent?

Through our partnership with DMD solutions, a shed totaling $15,000 is the maximum amount a shed can cost for the rent-to-own shed program. This means your shed on a $15,000 line of credit on an 18-month plan would be approximately $1,035/month. Your payment on a 36-month rent-to-own payment plan would be approximately $705/month.

Can I Cancel My Rent To Own Shed Plan?

Yes. However, if you cancel your rent to own the shed, you must surrender the building. However, you may do this at any time in your rent-to-own plan with no obligation or penalties.

Are There Early Pay-Off Fees For My Rent-To-Own Shed?

No! Our rent-to-own shed program does not have early pay-off fees. We want to offer you the ability to pay things off at your terms pace or sooner and not lose money in the process. We believe this approach helps everyone win.

Are Only Certain Model Sheds Available For The Rent-To-Own Shed Program?

Possibly. As far as the role of DMD Solutions, they will allow you to finance a shed of up to $15,000 through their program. However, check with your dealer location to see if there are any special restrictions for your rent-to-own shed order.

What Is The Delivery Range Of A Rent To Own Shed?

A 1 hour delivery time is included in the order of your shed. After the first hour, a $150/hour fee is applied. 80% of our deliveries fall within the 1-hour delivery range.

Their sheds are AMAZING!!

Several of us here at our campground have sheds from here and we all can’t recommend them enough. Beautiful work and amazing customer service. They custom built one for me because I needed a smaller size than normal. It’s sturdier than my camper. And I have no idea how he wedged that shed in my spot navigating around the trees. Pretty amazing to watch but he did and somehow got it perfectly level.