Rent To Own Sheds The Smart Mini-Storage Alternative

Are you wanting to buy a shed but just don’t quite have the financial stability to make it happen? Like you, we understand this problem and are here to help you with another solution: rent to own sheds. 5-Star Buildings offers you the option of paying off your shed with monthly payments. This takes the burden of paying outright for the building off your back and gives you much less stress to pay your building off. The rent to own option is also a smart alternative to mini-storage for several reasons.

Firstly, if you rent from a mini-storage place somewhere, you probably have to travel some distance to actually get to where your storage items are kept. Not only that, but whether you’ve been renting a mini-storage place for one month or five years, at the end of the day, that storage space is still owned by the company you’re renting from. Rent to own takes care of both of these problems. Not only will your storage space be sitting right on your property, but you also will be paying off a storage building that will eventually be yours.

We have partnered with DMD Solutions to make our rent to own option available to you. With over twelve years of shed experience, DMD Solutions is dedicated to helping you with your rent to own process. Our goal is for your experience with our rent to own shed process to be a full 5 stars.

Another question you might be wondering about is “What if I have enough money to pay off my building before my monthly payments are finished?” We are happy to tell you that there are no early payoff fees if you decide to simply pay off your building half-way through the payments. And last but not least, if you decide to take advantage of our rent to own option, we don’t require a credit check.

Their sheds are AMAZING!!

Several of us here at our campground have sheds from here and we all can’t recommend them enough. Beautiful work and amazing customer service. They custom built one for me because I needed a smaller size than normal. It’s sturdier than my camper. And I have no idea how he wedged that shed in my spot navigating around the trees. Pretty amazing to watch but he did and somehow got it perfectly level.