11 Best Portable Garage Flooring Options

Is your garage becoming a bit more of work hub? With the versatility and practicality of a portable garage, you likely use it regularly for various activities. Once a space becomes a valuable workspace, the building features must fit the intended function and purpose. One of the most significant features is the flooring. Portable garages need the correct flooring to provide maximum comfort and usability. We will look at different portable garage flooring options and the option that works best for each of your tasks!

Portable Garage Flooring | What is a Portable Garage? 

A portable garage is a free-standing prefabricated building serving the function of a garage. With an overhead garage door, you can pull in a car or other vehicles for storage or to work on them. Portable garages have sturdy floors to handle the weight of your car quickly. Additionally, the roof is ventilated to remove any fumes your vehicle may give off. 

Whether you need a space to change oil, work on household projects, or store extra personal items, a portable garage is an excellent choice for any task you may have. In fact, a garage is the ultimate do-it-all building that will optimize your property!

Portable Garage Flooring | What Subfloors Do Portable Garages Have?

The subfloor in a portable garage is the layer of wood directly below the flooring and provides the structure you walk on. Because of this, it is crucial to make this of quality material. Some manufacturers use plywood or OSB for the subfloor. At 5 Star Buildings, we use ¾” tongue and groove Advantech flooring to ensure your garage has the quality subfloor base you need for every situation.

Portable Garage Flooring | What Is The Joist Spacing In A Portable Structure?

At 5-Star Buildings, we make sure that our floors are well-built with 12” joists on-center. This means you have a joist every foot in length, giving you the support you need for your floor. So, no matter if you are storing your motorcycle for the winter or plan to store heavy-duty woodworking tools, your garage can handle the demand you put on it. If you want to know more about the features on the buildings at 5 Star Buildings, visit our portable garage page on our website.

Portable Garage Flooring | What Types Of Flooring Can I Put In My Garge?

There are many flooring options on the market for your portable garage. However, keep in mind that the portable garage flooring options discussed may need to be revised for your specific garage. Factors like climate, budget, and building use must be part of your decision-making process. To make sure that your flooring can be used as you hope, read the information on any flooring product you purchase to ensure it is appropriate for your situation. We want you to have a workspace where you can be efficient and comfortable at the same time.  

11 Portable Garage Flooring Options

We know that it is vital to match your flooring with the activities and demands that will take place on it. To make sure that you can find the best flooring option for you we have found what we think at the best flooring options on the market. So let’s get into it; here are 11 different portable garage flooring options and the scenarios to use them. Discover the one that works best for you!

Epoxy Flooring For Portable Garages

Epoxy is one of the best options for your portable garage flooring. This is because the epoxy coating is durable and easy to clean even the toughest of messes, like oil spills. Additionally, more chemicals will not be damaging if they spill on an epoxy floor. Although it is more expensive than many options, this will give you exceptional results and easy maintenance.

You can put epoxy right on the subfloor if you would like. Another option is to add textured chips or other substances in the middle of the epoxy layer to give it a textured look. This is shown in a step-by-step process in the video above. 

Use epoxy if your garage has high foot or tire traffic or exposure to multiple types of liquids. Also, because it makes a smooth surface, epoxy works well for anything with small wheels, including office chairs, hand trucks, rolling creepers, or general-purpose carts. This makes your garage an efficient workspace that it is easy to clean.

Sealer, Stain, Or Paint Flooring For Portable Garages

If you are looking for the most affordable flooring option in your portable garage, sealing or staining the floor directly would be the best option for you. We specifically recommend this wood sealant that can be easily brushed or rolled on and will provide a water barrier for your floor. This option is cheap and can quickly be done by one person. 

Unfortunately, sealant won’t cover up any floor joints, and it will need to be resealed every couple of years to keep up up the integrity of the selling of the floor., depending on how much you use your garage. Using stain may hide a bit more, but still doesn’t cover up the subfloor like other options.

Painting your portable garage floor is a good option for a smaller budget because it will make cleaning your floor easier as well as seal the subfloor from moisture. Sadly, paint does not hold up as well as other options. However, this may not be a problem for you if you are fine with repainting occasionally. If you think painting the flooring is the right option for you, try this high-quality Valspar Paint that is designed specifically as a floor paint.

Floor Mats For Portable Garage Flooring

If you are looking for flooring in your garage that is specifically for cars, garage floor mats are the solution you are looking for! They usually have a fabric-like texture because they are designed to soak up any liquids that come from your car. If you are storing your car in your portable garage, we recommend using garage floor mats to keep the subfloor in good condition. However, if you want to ensure that your subflooring stays in pristine condition, you may find that combining this method with another method in the article will give you exactly what you are hoping for.

Vinyl Flooring For Portable Garage Flooring

Vinyl flooring for your portable garage flooring will give it a fantastic finished look. Whether using sheet vinyl or plank flooring, vinyl will make it look like it is part of your house. However, if you plan to use your gage as a true work space, you may find that you do not car for the durability of vinyl planks when compared to some of the other options mentioned in this article.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your garage as more a man can or as a hobby space, several things make vinyl flooring a good option for your portable garage. First, it is waterproof, which is beneficial depending on the application. Second, it is very durable and doesn’t damage easily, making it easy to maintain. Third, you can get quite a variety of styles.

We recommend using the plank vinyl flooring because you can install it yourself fairly quickly. This type of flooring is the answer for an office area, hang-out area, or any high-traffic area. As small wheels roll smoothly on this type of flooring, consider this option if you use carts often.

Portable Garage Rubber Flooring

If you need an area with a bit of a cushion, rubber flooring may be the answer. It will give your portable garage a slip-free and shock-absorbent floor, which can be convenient if you use your garage as a home gym, car storage, or a mechanic work area. It absorbs sound, which helps reduce sound if you have a small kid’s play area in your garage. Rubber flooring is the way to go if you want any of these qualities for your portable garage flooring.

Portable Garage Flooring Carpet

Do you want to turn your portable garage into an office, showroom, or living space? Carpet floors have a lot to offer your space. The carpet is soft, improving your comfort level. Additionally, this makes it sound absorbent, which is ideal for a kid’s area. Carpet comes in a variety of styles, so you will have many options to choose from. 

Carpet is versatile and makes a good flooring choice for many different applications. Beyond the above-mentioned uses, carpet can turn your portable garage into a workout area or an extension of your house.

Portable Garage Flooring Interlocking Tiles

If you want heavy-duty flooring, take a look at interlocking garage floor tiles. These are specially designed to deal with heavy loads, machinery, and grease. This type of portable garage flooring works well if you fix machines or engines in your garage or store your vehicle. They snap together in an interlocking pattern to hold the tiles into place. 

Portable Garage Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has a natural cushioning, going easy on your joints and back as you walk. It also is a sound and thermal insulator, which can be beneficial in a showroom. However, it does tend to get scratched easily, so over time, it will show signs of wear. Although, some people like the look of worn flooring, so this may not be an issue for you.

This type of flooring can be used anywhere carpet would. Use it to make a quieter, warmer workspace in your portable garage.

Portable Garage | Hardwood Flooring

If you intend to use your portable garage as more of a hobby space than a place to park your vehicle, hardwood floors may be the right choice for you! Though more expensive, hardwood flooring gives a natural charm that other floors cannot match and offers a more classy look.

Hardwood flooring can be used very well in an office space or storage area for your Etsy business. Carts will glide right over this surface with no problem. Put in hardwood flooring to make your friends and family jealous!

Portable Garage Flooring | Foam Tiles

Interlocking foam tiles can turn your portable garage into a home gym or a kid’s play area. Because they are so shock absorbent, they are helpful when working out, whether that is doing floor exercises or yoga. When used for a kid’s play area, they make a safe and soft environment for your child and when used as the flooring for your exercising, they offer more cushion to your joints. If you are looking for a flooring style that is easy to install an requires minimal know how to do so this flooring style is great for you.

Portable Garage Flooring | Peel And Stick Tiles

One of the easiest portable garage flooring to install is peel-and-stick flooring. They are as easy to install as the title indicates. You can create your own design or get multiple styles and mix it up. Peel and Stick tiles make installing your floor possible for everyone.

These tiles come in various floor types. Vinyl tiles, carpet tiles, and laminate tiles all have peel-and-stick versions. They can be installed in any situation or application. And if you want them to last longer, put some flooring glue down before you install the flooring in your portable garage. 

Should I Install Flooring in My Portable Garage?

Yes. Installing portable garage flooring has several purposes. First of all, it enhances usability. In each scenario, one or two types of flooring fit the purpose that you have for your building and will make you more efficient in your tasks. Second, flooring protects the subfloor and base beneath it. You can clean up messes without it soaking into the wood below. Third, flooring makes your portable garage look and feel cleaner and more organized. This is better for you and the value of your house.

What Is The Best Kind Of Portable Garage Flooring For Vehicle Storage?

The best kind of portable garage flooring for storing your vehicle is garage floor mats. They are tough and built for the pressure that a car exerts. Most are convenient to clean and will absorb any oil or liquid that may come from your car. Garage floor mats can be a temporary or permanent solution.

What Is The Most Cost-Friendly Portable Garage Flooring?

The most cost-friendly flooring option is paint, stain, or sealant. Any of these give a basic protective layer on your floor with an uncomplicated installation process. To boost the effectiveness, apply several coats of paint instead of just one. Put a layer of sealant over a layer of stain. This will extend the life of the flooring.

What Portable Garage Flooring Resists Heat The Best?

Vinyl flooring is moderately heat resistant. It won’t do well when exposed to high heat but will do well in low to medium heat.  We recommend that any welding or fires be done outside.

Which Option Should I Choose For My Portable Garage?

If you are not sure which to pick, start by identifying what you want to do in your garage. When you know that, you can identify what portable garage flooring characteristics you need. Then match those needs with the flooring option that offers those things!

As you are thinking about garages, check out our selection of portable garages. We have three different garage layouts: the standard garage, the estate garage, and the lofted garage. If a garage doesn’t quite fit your style, we also offer portable sheds and portable cabins. We want to make sure that you have the building that will fit your needs!