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What Are Portable Garages?


If you search portable garages on Google, the search results are often flimsy pole-tent coverings for any vehicle. For us, portable garages are a spacious, affordable, stylish way to comfortably store your vehicle and additional supplies. Our portable garages are also completely customizable and very secure. Our Garages come in sizes from 12×16 all the way to 16 x 48 for single-car portable garages.

What Kind Of Garage Doors Are Available For Portable Garages?


For our Standard Garages and Lofted Barn Garages, we install an insulated 9’x7′ garage door like the one shown above, giving you the access you need for your buildings. For our Estate Garage, we include an upgraded 9″ x 6′ 9″ insulated garage door with transoms and decorative door handles on the front.

On our 3D Builder, you can build your own unique garage and add extra features that you would like for your building, and see a 3-dimensional rendition of it. Click below to see your dreams come to life!

Is Garage Door Insulation Worth It?


Yes. If you are in extreme climates, garage door insulation is most definitely worth it just for the energy savings alone. If you are working out of your garage, you will save money on heating and cooling. In the hottest climates, adding insulation can bring indoor temperatures down 56-57%, leading to incredible energy savings.

What R-Value Should My Portable Garage Door Insulation Be?

The R-value of the insulation for your garage door should be somewhere between 4-8. The only way to increase that number is to use thicker insulation, causing issues because of being bulky and heavy. Though a higher R-value would be better for heat retention, the type of insulation that fits well into your garage door panels usually ranges from R-4 to R-8. If you get a garage door that is already insulated, the R-value averages around R-12.

Can I Purchase A Garage Door With Insulation?


Yes, many companies sell garage doors that are already insulated. At 5 Star Buildings, all the garage doors that we install in our garages are insulated, preventing the work of installing portable garage door insulation later. When buying a building that already has an insulated door, you are already one step ahead.

We install insulated garage doors in our Prefab Garages, but you can add one to our Storage Sheds as well. That means that you can avoid these projects by working with a company like ours. At 5 Star Buildings, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch quality products at a competitive price.

How Can I Insulate My Portable Garage Door?

There are many ways to insulate your portable garage door. However, some methods are better than others. We will look at 5 different methods on how to insulate your own garage door and which will work best for your own situation.

Rigid Foam Insulation

Tools Needed:
Cutting Guide, Scissors, Tape Measure, and Utility Knife

Materials Used:
Small round magnets, 3M Duct Tape, Owens Corning Foamular 250(R4 Value with .75 inch thickness), 2 – 4×8 EPS foam Panels

5 Steps To Install Rigid Foam Insulation

  1. Make measurements. Measure each garage door panel to find what size to cut the insulation.
  1. Use cardboard to trace the garage door hinge. This is used as a template to cut out notches for the hinges.
    Also take notes of additional hardware/nuts/bots that are attached to the door, specifically the top panels.   
  1. Cut foam sheets to size.
    Use clamps to hold the long pieces of foam so that  you have the cleanest lines possible.
    Use your utility knife to cut, making one continous movement.
    Cut out hinge sections using your template guide. 
  1. Attach magnets to the foam with duck tape
    Push magents slightly into the Foam to help keep the connection.
    Cover magnets with the ducktape to securely fasten them to the foam boards.
  1. Attach Panels to garage door.
    Fill in any extra spaces with remaining foam. 

In conclusion, this is an efficient and effective way to add some base insulation to your portable garage door.

Double Reflective Insulation

Double Reflective Insulation provides an excellent barrier to the cold and is easy to install on your garage door. This product is designed if you are heating your garage and are trying to keep the heat inside.
The product in this scenario is Reflectix Double Reflective Insulation. You can purchase it various widths and lengths to fit the size of your project. It is made of two layers of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles enclosed in reflective film. 

This product also includes a Class A/Class 1 fire rating, which is the best fire rating materials can receive. Class A fire ratings indicate that a flame spread rating is somewhere between zero and 25.

Tools Required

Materials Needed

Installation Steps for Double Reflective Insulation

  1. Measure the garage door panels or support frames. It will be best to cover each panel separately.
  1. Cut the double reflective insulation to match the measurements. Using a utility knife works well.
  1. Wipe the frame with isopropyl alcohol wipes or something similar. This will clear the dirt and dust and give the tape a good hold. Attach double-sided tape to the panels where you want to attach the insulation. For best results, the temperature when installing the tape should be between 45-90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Fasten the precut sections of Reflectix to the exposed sections of the double-sided tape. Note: All applications require an air space on at least one side of the product to provide thermal benefit

In conclusion, this installation method requires very few tools and provides a strong fire barrier. This is excellent if you have a portable garage that you use for welding or something similar where there are sparks. The only downside is that the insulating quality is limited compared to some of the other insulation options. 

If you would like to explore options for detached portable garages, check out our Lofted Garage, Standard Garage, or Estate Garage. We have a style that will fit your property and will allow you to get your projects done.  

Premade Insulation Kit

A premade insulation kit makes installing portable garage door insulation easy. These kits are designed specifically for garage doors, making it convenient to install without needing construction experience. Using lightweight polystyrene foam, this waterproof product brings an R-value of 4.8 and does not require tape or glue. 

Required Tools

Materials Needed

Installation Steps for Premade Insulation Kit

  1. Measure the garage door panel to get the exact dimensions for your insulation. This kit will fit most 8’ to 9’ garage doors, but you need to make minor cuts for it to fit properly. The insulation is designed to slide underneath the side rail and middle rail. Measure from the center of the middle rail to the outside edge of the side rail for each piece.
  2. Cut the insulation panel to fit the dimensions you just measured. 
  3. Install the insulation on the garage door. Insert the insulation underneath the side rail; bend the panel in order to slip it underneath the middle rail. Continue till all panels are installed. 

These panels are light and will only add around 2 pounds onto your garage door. This makes an excellent portable garage insulation solution. Just note that most kits will cover only one door, so you will need two for a two-car garage.

Spray Foam

Spray foam can create some the the best insulation for your portable garage. Spray foam has an R-value of 3-6 per inch that is applied. Because you can control how thick the insulation is applied, you can make your portable garage as insulated as you would like to fit the climate that you are in.

There are two types of spray foam insulation: closed cell and open cell. Closed cell is more compact than open cell, which makes it better for portable garage applications. In this article, we will reference closed-cell spray foam. 

Tools Required

Materials Needed

Steps to Install Spray Foam Insulation

  1. Tape off all regions where you don’t want insulation, including the floor directly beneath the door. Spray foam can splatter, so cleanup will be much easier and it will look nicer if you use tape and plastic to cover the rails and floor. 
  2. Spray the foam in a nice even pattern over the the garage door panels. It will expand, so don’t put too much on at a time. You can go back over it later if you feel that it isn’t enough.
  3. Remove the tape and plastic and let it dry. 
  4. Once it is dry, you can paint the foam to whatever color you would like. 

Using spray foam for your garage door insulation can be messy, but it will insulate your garage much better than some other options. If you have recently bought a portable garage and would like it insulated, you can get a professional to insulate your garage and garage doors at the same time.   

The garage door springs may need to be readjusted because the spray foam can add a decent amount of weight to the door. Over time, this can burn out the garage door opener unless the springs are adjusted to make up for the added weight.

Spray foam sticks to surfaces well so you don’t need to worry about the insulation falling off. Additionally, closed cell spray foam can improve the structure to which it is applied.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Tools Required

Necessary Materials

Steps for Fiberglass Garage Door Insulation

  1. Measure and mark the garage door panels 12” from the ends and from the the middle rail. This is where the clips will go. Place the double-sided tape at these locations.
  2. Attach the back part of the insulation clips. They are meant to be held on by the tape, so place one at each place where the tape is, or two per panel per side. 
  3. Measure from the side rail to the middle rail and add an inch or two to that length. Cut the insulation to that length. Because fiberglass can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, use eye protection, gloves, and masks. 
  4. Tuck the insulation underneath the rails on both sides panel. The white vinyl should face outward. 
  5. Cut a small hole through the white vinyl coating where each clip is placed and attach the front part of the clip. This will hold the insulation securely to the door.  

Because these kits are designed specifically for garage doors, they create an easy and efficient way to place fiberglass insulation on the door.  One downside to this type of garage door insulation is that animals can bite it and tear it up if they are not taught to let it alone. 

Can I Make My Own Insulation System?

The answer is YES! If you have time and you need the high level of insulation provided, then Mr. Fred’s DIY method is a great example of how it can be done!

Tools Needed

Materials Required

The Building Process will use the wood strips to create a gap between the steel door and the foam, creating a box effect with an air gap before in between layers of foam insulation. This turns each section of the garage door into its own insulated cell.

Steps for Installing DIY Garage Door Insulation

  1. Measure and cut the wood strips to fit vertically inside the garage door panel frame. For most doors, this should be around 18” high. 
  2. Tape the wood strips vertically to the garage door panels. Place one about every 16”. 
  3. Cut narrow strips of foam insulation to fit inside the garage door rails. Then, measure the length and width of each section of the door, and cut the insulation to fit. Place the cut section as the first layer next to the garage door. 
  4. Tape strips of insulation onto the first layer of insulation to create a second spacer. 
  5. Measure each section once again and cut the insulation to fit snugly on top of the first layer of insulation with the spacers in between. Place the insulation as the final layer. 
  6. Wipe off the garage door rails to ensure a clean surface. Use the foil tape to fasten the insulation, making sure that half of the tape is on the rail while the other half holds the insulation.

Which Garage Door Insulation Works Best?

Each one of the products mentioned was put up against each other to see which one performs the best. However, it may depend on your situation on what the best product is. Here are some observations.

  1. Gap Filler Spray Foam:
    “Great Stuff” brand foam spray that comes in a 12 oz can. 
    It is not recommended to be installed outside of the recommended temperatures. (Product expanding performance will be limited) Once fully cured, it took measured temperatures of 173 degrees Fahrenheit outside down to 96 degrees inside, making a 77-degree difference.

    Insulation Project Specs
    45% Temp Decrease. The cost of installing this on your standard double garage door would be around $80. After installation is completed, approximately 24 lbs of weight will be added.
  2. (Traditional) Ownes Corning R8 Fiber Glass insulation:
    One Kit will do half of an 8 by 8 door. Easy to install. And can be installed easily, spending a few minutes with each panel. Very accessible to purchase as well as it will be at most local retailers.
    During testing, it took measured temperatures from 173℉ outside down to 92 degrees F inside. That’s an 81 ℉ difference. 

    Insulation Project Specs:
    47% Temp Decrease
    The cost for installing this on your standard double garage door would cost around $236. After installation is completed approximately 24lbs of weight will be added.
  3. 2’ Rigid Foam Insulation:
    Cheaper than Ownes Corning R 5 kit.
    During testing, it took measured temperatures of 190℉ outside down to 93℉ inside.
    A Difference of 97 ℉

    Insulation Project Specs:
    51% Temp Decrease
    Your average cost for a double garage door would be $69. Along with adding approximately 14lbs of weight.
  4. Double reflective Insulation:
    “Bubble tape with reflective coating on both sides”
    Can be bought in varying length of roll to meet any need.
    Very thin but does add R (Insulating) Value. It can be doubled for additional layering, but only the single layer was used in this test.
    During testing it took measured temperatures of 175 ℉ outside down to 100 ℉ inside
    A 75 ℉ difference

    Insulation Project Specs:
    43% Temp Decrease
    Your average cost for a double garage door would be $60. While adding approximately  4lbs of weight for a single layer.
  5. Mr. Fred’s DIY Garage School Insulation Cells 
    Creates insulated cells with air in the middle. .5 inch plate, a gap and another .5 inch rigid foam. Everything is then sealed with foil tape.

    During testing, it took measured temperatures of 208℉ degrees outside to 88℉ inside

A 120 ℉ difference

Insulation Project Specs:
57% Temp Decrease
Your average cost for a double garage door would be $71. All while adding approximately 10 lbs of weight to your door.

  1. Ownes Corning 1’ Formular NGX (R-5):
    Purple ridged foam.
    1.5 inch (7.5 R Value) may work if needed but the 1 inch helps for easy installation.
    Super Simple to install. Minute per panel

    Took temperaturess of 205℉ degrees outside to 88℉ inside

A 117 Degree difference

Insulation Project Specs:
56% Temp Decrease
Your average cost for a double garage door would be $86. While adding and approximate weight of 12lbs.

  1. Standard Panels: Control Group:
    When heated to 176℉ and without insulation, it naturally cooled to 156℉ inside
    A 20 ℉ difference. 

Will The Weight Of Garage Door Insulation Affect How My Garage Door Works?


Possibly. Adding any weight to a garage door will affect how it works. The heavier the door becomes due to insulation, the more the door springs will have to be adjusted to compensate. It is recommended to have a professional come out and make those adjustments after the insulation is installed and or fully cured. This way, the additional weight will not put extra stress on your garage door motor. The more stress on the motor, the faster the motor will burn out. 

Garage door springs should be adjusted so that they create an even counterbalance with the door itself. The door should stay if stopped anywhere in the middle and remain closed when fully down.

What Portable Garage Door Insulation Is The Most Affordable?


Some of the more affordable insulation will depend on whether you are just insulating the door or are insulating another section of the building. For example, if you are already using closed-cell spray foam on the other parts of your garage, it is relatively inexpensive to have it done to your garage doors as well if you want the biggest bang for your buck. Using a DIY insulated cell will save you the most money over the long run if you truly need a high level of insulation coverage. For most people, the cheapest option of the double reflective insulation will be best if you live in a moderate climate. 
Please note that adding weight to your garage door and adjusting your door springs accordingly will be an additional cost. You may need to purchase heavier springs, so it’s important to discuss those adjustments with a professional if on a tight budget.

What Garage Door Insulation Takes The Longest To Complete?


Closed cell foam installation takes anywhere from between 5 and 60 minutes for the foam to become tack-free. Full cure may be reached in a time range of about 8 to 24 hours. The prep time to prepare the surfaces and remove the tape and sealers afterward will likely take more time than actually spraying the walls.

What Garage Door Insulation Is The Quickest To Complete?


One of the quickest ways to install insulation to your garage doors is to use double reflective insulation because it comes in pre-sized rolls and is easy to apply. All you need to do is to measure and cut sections as needed. The same can be said for the Rigid Foam. It is very lightweight and easy to install.  The premade kits from retailers will also be some of the fastest to install and will need minimal cleanup.  But they may be more expensive up-front.
For best results, do some research to find the right product for your application. Ultimately, you should have a garage door that can keep your space at the temperature you like!

At 5 Star Buildings, we install insulated garage doors in all of our Portable Garages so you don’t have to take care of that later. We are a company that is dedicated to excellence, integrity, and faith. Because of this, we do our best to make sure each of our buildings is well-built and each of our customers is happy with our products! Learn more about who we are and the products we can offer you and your property! Bring your dreams into action!


Is your garage becoming a bit more of work hub? With the versatility and practicality of a portable garage, you likely use it regularly for various activities. Once a space becomes a valuable workspace, the building features must fit the intended function and purpose. One of the most significant features is the flooring. Portable garages need the correct flooring to provide maximum comfort and usability. We will look at different portable garage flooring options and the option that works best for each of your tasks!

Portable Garage Flooring | What is a Portable Garage? 

A portable garage is a free-standing prefabricated building serving the function of a garage. With an overhead garage door, you can pull in a car or other vehicles for storage or to work on them. Portable garages have sturdy floors to handle the weight of your car quickly. Additionally, the roof is ventilated to remove any fumes your vehicle may give off. 

Whether you need a space to change oil, work on household projects, or store extra personal items, a portable garage is an excellent choice for any task you may have. In fact, a garage is the ultimate do-it-all building that will optimize your property!

Portable Garage Flooring | What Subfloors Do Portable Garages Have?

The subfloor in a portable garage is the layer of wood directly below the flooring and provides the structure you walk on. Because of this, it is crucial to make this of quality material. Some manufacturers use plywood or OSB for the subfloor. At 5 Star Buildings, we use ¾” tongue and groove Advantech flooring to ensure your garage has the quality subfloor base you need for every situation.

Portable Garage Flooring | What Is The Joist Spacing In A Portable Structure?

At 5-Star Buildings, we make sure that our floors are well-built with 12” joists on-center. This means you have a joist every foot in length, giving you the support you need for your floor. So, no matter if you are storing your motorcycle for the winter or plan to store heavy-duty woodworking tools, your garage can handle the demand you put on it. If you want to know more about the features on the buildings at 5 Star Buildings, visit our portable garage page on our website.

Portable Garage Flooring | What Types Of Flooring Can I Put In My Garge?

There are many flooring options on the market for your portable garage. However, keep in mind that the portable garage flooring options discussed may need to be revised for your specific garage. Factors like climate, budget, and building use must be part of your decision-making process. To make sure that your flooring can be used as you hope, read the information on any flooring product you purchase to ensure it is appropriate for your situation. We want you to have a workspace where you can be efficient and comfortable at the same time.  

11 Portable Garage Flooring Options

We know that it is vital to match your flooring with the activities and demands that will take place on it. To make sure that you can find the best flooring option for you we have found what we think at the best flooring options on the market. So let’s get into it; here are 11 different portable garage flooring options and the scenarios to use them. Discover the one that works best for you!

Epoxy Flooring For Portable Garages

Epoxy is one of the best options for your portable garage flooring. This is because the epoxy coating is durable and easy to clean even the toughest of messes, like oil spills. Additionally, more chemicals will not be damaging if they spill on an epoxy floor. Although it is more expensive than many options, this will give you exceptional results and easy maintenance.

You can put epoxy right on the subfloor if you would like. Another option is to add textured chips or other substances in the middle of the epoxy layer to give it a textured look. This is shown in a step-by-step process in the video above. 

Use epoxy if your garage has high foot or tire traffic or exposure to multiple types of liquids. Also, because it makes a smooth surface, epoxy works well for anything with small wheels, including office chairs, hand trucks, rolling creepers, or general-purpose carts. This makes your garage an efficient workspace that it is easy to clean.

Sealer, Stain, Or Paint Flooring For Portable Garages

If you are looking for the most affordable flooring option in your portable garage, sealing or staining the floor directly would be the best option for you. We specifically recommend this wood sealant that can be easily brushed or rolled on and will provide a water barrier for your floor. This option is cheap and can quickly be done by one person. 

Unfortunately, sealant won’t cover up any floor joints, and it will need to be resealed every couple of years to keep up up the integrity of the selling of the floor., depending on how much you use your garage. Using stain may hide a bit more, but still doesn’t cover up the subfloor like other options.

Painting your portable garage floor is a good option for a smaller budget because it will make cleaning your floor easier as well as seal the subfloor from moisture. Sadly, paint does not hold up as well as other options. However, this may not be a problem for you if you are fine with repainting occasionally. If you think painting the flooring is the right option for you, try this high-quality Valspar Paint that is designed specifically as a floor paint.

Floor Mats For Portable Garage Flooring

If you are looking for flooring in your garage that is specifically for cars, garage floor mats are the solution you are looking for! They usually have a fabric-like texture because they are designed to soak up any liquids that come from your car. If you are storing your car in your portable garage, we recommend using garage floor mats to keep the subfloor in good condition. However, if you want to ensure that your subflooring stays in pristine condition, you may find that combining this method with another method in the article will give you exactly what you are hoping for.

Vinyl Flooring For Portable Garage Flooring

Vinyl flooring for your portable garage flooring will give it a fantastic finished look. Whether using sheet vinyl or plank flooring, vinyl will make it look like it is part of your house. However, if you plan to use your gage as a true work space, you may find that you do not car for the durability of vinyl planks when compared to some of the other options mentioned in this article.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your garage as more a man can or as a hobby space, several things make vinyl flooring a good option for your portable garage. First, it is waterproof, which is beneficial depending on the application. Second, it is very durable and doesn’t damage easily, making it easy to maintain. Third, you can get quite a variety of styles.

We recommend using the plank vinyl flooring because you can install it yourself fairly quickly. This type of flooring is the answer for an office area, hang-out area, or any high-traffic area. As small wheels roll smoothly on this type of flooring, consider this option if you use carts often.

Portable Garage Rubber Flooring

If you need an area with a bit of a cushion, rubber flooring may be the answer. It will give your portable garage a slip-free and shock-absorbent floor, which can be convenient if you use your garage as a home gym, car storage, or a mechanic work area. It absorbs sound, which helps reduce sound if you have a small kid’s play area in your garage. Rubber flooring is the way to go if you want any of these qualities for your portable garage flooring.

Portable Garage Flooring Carpet

Do you want to turn your portable garage into an office, showroom, or living space? Carpet floors have a lot to offer your space. The carpet is soft, improving your comfort level. Additionally, this makes it sound absorbent, which is ideal for a kid’s area. Carpet comes in a variety of styles, so you will have many options to choose from. 

Carpet is versatile and makes a good flooring choice for many different applications. Beyond the above-mentioned uses, carpet can turn your portable garage into a workout area or an extension of your house.

Portable Garage Flooring Interlocking Tiles

If you want heavy-duty flooring, take a look at interlocking garage floor tiles. These are specially designed to deal with heavy loads, machinery, and grease. This type of portable garage flooring works well if you fix machines or engines in your garage or store your vehicle. They snap together in an interlocking pattern to hold the tiles into place. 

Portable Garage Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has a natural cushioning, going easy on your joints and back as you walk. It also is a sound and thermal insulator, which can be beneficial in a showroom. However, it does tend to get scratched easily, so over time, it will show signs of wear. Although, some people like the look of worn flooring, so this may not be an issue for you.

This type of flooring can be used anywhere carpet would. Use it to make a quieter, warmer workspace in your portable garage.

Portable Garage | Hardwood Flooring

If you intend to use your portable garage as more of a hobby space than a place to park your vehicle, hardwood floors may be the right choice for you! Though more expensive, hardwood flooring gives a natural charm that other floors cannot match and offers a more classy look.

Hardwood flooring can be used very well in an office space or storage area for your Etsy business. Carts will glide right over this surface with no problem. Put in hardwood flooring to make your friends and family jealous!

Portable Garage Flooring | Foam Tiles

Interlocking foam tiles can turn your portable garage into a home gym or a kid’s play area. Because they are so shock absorbent, they are helpful when working out, whether that is doing floor exercises or yoga. When used for a kid’s play area, they make a safe and soft environment for your child and when used as the flooring for your exercising, they offer more cushion to your joints. If you are looking for a flooring style that is easy to install an requires minimal know how to do so this flooring style is great for you.

Portable Garage Flooring | Peel And Stick Tiles

One of the easiest portable garage flooring to install is peel-and-stick flooring. They are as easy to install as the title indicates. You can create your own design or get multiple styles and mix it up. Peel and Stick tiles make installing your floor possible for everyone.

These tiles come in various floor types. Vinyl tiles, carpet tiles, and laminate tiles all have peel-and-stick versions. They can be installed in any situation or application. And if you want them to last longer, put some flooring glue down before you install the flooring in your portable garage. 

Should I Install Flooring in My Portable Garage?

Yes. Installing portable garage flooring has several purposes. First of all, it enhances usability. In each scenario, one or two types of flooring fit the purpose that you have for your building and will make you more efficient in your tasks. Second, flooring protects the subfloor and base beneath it. You can clean up messes without it soaking into the wood below. Third, flooring makes your portable garage look and feel cleaner and more organized. This is better for you and the value of your house.

What Is The Best Kind Of Portable Garage Flooring For Vehicle Storage?

The best kind of portable garage flooring for storing your vehicle is garage floor mats. They are tough and built for the pressure that a car exerts. Most are convenient to clean and will absorb any oil or liquid that may come from your car. Garage floor mats can be a temporary or permanent solution.

What Is The Most Cost-Friendly Portable Garage Flooring?

The most cost-friendly flooring option is paint, stain, or sealant. Any of these give a basic protective layer on your floor with an uncomplicated installation process. To boost the effectiveness, apply several coats of paint instead of just one. Put a layer of sealant over a layer of stain. This will extend the life of the flooring.

What Portable Garage Flooring Resists Heat The Best?

Vinyl flooring is moderately heat resistant. It won’t do well when exposed to high heat but will do well in low to medium heat.  We recommend that any welding or fires be done outside.

Which Option Should I Choose For My Portable Garage?

If you are not sure which to pick, start by identifying what you want to do in your garage. When you know that, you can identify what portable garage flooring characteristics you need. Then match those needs with the flooring option that offers those things!

As you are thinking about garages, check out our selection of portable garages. We have three different garage layouts: the standard garage, the estate garage, and the lofted garage. If a garage doesn’t quite fit your style, we also offer portable sheds and portable cabins. We want to make sure that you have the building that will fit your needs!



Off-Grid Cabin Living

off grid cabin in cuba mo

An off-grid cabin may be the avenue that you take to slow down and enjoy life.  If you are able to get away for just a few weeks out of the year, making a cabin with a campsite feel might be ideal, whether you want to take the family or be by yourself.  However, if you enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting or fishing, a secluded living quarter might just be the bee’s knees. Those that work remotely or are writers might find this to be an excellent option as a way to do what they love while being where they love. Let’s take a deep dive into what it would take to create an off-grid cabin setup.  

How Much Does An Off-Grid Cabin Cost?

cost of off grid cabins in jefferson city mo

The price of an off-grid cabin can vary a lot. Typically at 5-Star Buildings, our 12×16 portable cabins range around $7,000 To $8,000, while a 16×48 structure is closer to $15,000 to $20,000. There are many factors to consider when buying a structure, including design, size, and style, each affecting what you will pay for the structure itself.   
Our recent customer Kimberly bought one of our off-grid cabins and later sold it. Her pictures will be featured in this blog so that you can enjoy the rustic and charming feel of this getaway. If you think having an off-grid cabin like Kimberly sounds appealing to you, check out our selection of portable cabins to find the one that will work for you. If you like the idea of making your design, you can do that with our Custom 3D Shed Builder, allowing you to craft a cabin that is unique to your desired setup.

What Factors May Make My Off-Grid Cabin More Expensive?

cost factors for my off grid cabin in sullivan mo

Location is also a major factor determining the cost of your off-grid cabin. Average prices for recreational and timberland in Missouri range from $2,500 to $5,000 per acre. This price drastically differs based on which county the land is located in. A good place to start exploring the land for sale near your preferred area is to use an online property search, no matter what size you desire your parcel of land to be. 

We recommend that before you buy, you do some research on the state building codes as well as the more relevant local codes. If you have questions about permits, check out our permitting guide for Missouri.  Some counties in Missouri have very little regulation, while others can be more strict.

The size of building and the accessories that you add to it will affect how expensive it will be. If you add features such as a prefab deck to your cabin, then that will add to the price.

How To Lay Out My Off-Grid Cabin?

The layout of your off-grid cabin can be the difference between crowded frustration and defined efficiency. Typically, off-grid cabin setups have limited indoor space, so here are four tips to consider when designing your cabin interior.

Vertical Storage

storage in off grid cabins in fenton mo

Just because you have limited floor space does not mean everything should be on the floor. Use the wall space in various ways, utilize hooks and pegs, as well as open shelving. Create loft areas that can be used as extra storage or even as an extra sleeping space.  If you like to use containers, make sure that they are stackable.

Multifunctional Products

sofa bed for off grid cabins in st robert mo

The more things that can do multiple jobs, the fewer objects you need. Using a sofa bed can give you the ability to add sleeping quarters for one extra person while hanging on to your sitting area. Get a table that can be used as a kitchen island or office desk. 

Make Zones

off grid cabin layout in jefferson city mo

Any plumbing that is done should be as close as possible. Having the kitchen, bathroom, and/or laundry beside each other is more efficient. Keep your open areas together as well to make your versatile space as large as possible. Check out the format above and below, showing how Kimberly arranged her cabin.

Flexible Space

space layout for off griod cabin in apache flats mo

Other than the kitchen and bathroom, the features of your cabin should be changeable. You will want to be able to push your kitchen island or table over to the wall to be out of the way or to serve another purpose. Don’t make any permanently fastened furniture unless it is already off to the side or somewhat collapsible. Shelving solutions should be flexible as well.

Are there design tools to make a floor plan mock-up?

Yes, there is. Some things are better drawn out so that we can better visualize the designs in our heads.  Use a floor plan creator to help develop the dreams you are creating.

How Do I Power My Off Grid Cabin?


solar panels for off grid cabin in barnhart mo

We recommend using a solar power system for your off-grid cabin.  This would include solar panels, an inverter, a rack, and batteries. How many panels you need will vary on how many appliances and lights you are planning to use regularly.  For light use, you should be fine with 2 or 3 360W panels. For heavier use, you may need to get several more. The chart below might give you an idea of the size solar system you should have.

solar panel system info for st louis mo

(This is not to be used as a sizing guide but rather as a reference. All these figures are based on theoretical conditions, so they may or may not be accurate depending on your situation. Talk to a professional solar representative for sizing help.)

For the rest of the setup, you will want a battery bank to store the electricity for evening and nighttime use. Also, an inverter will be necessary to convert the electrical current to the proper voltage. Last of all, you may want a rack to hold the batteries in an organized fashion. 


To go along with your solar setup, we have several other recommendations that will help with the amount of power you use at your cabin. The first one is a generator. Having a backup generator is a good idea, just in case you need to run something that draws a lot of current or just to extend your evening when the batteries are low. With a portable generator in your off-grid cabin, you will always have access to electricity when you need it.


The other power source you should have for your off-grid cabin is propane. Appliances like stoves and heaters take a heavy load of electricity, so we recommend getting propane-fueled heaters, stoves(or cooktops), and dryers. Not only will this allows you to install fewer solar panels, but propane heat is more efficient than electric heat. With a few appliances connected to a 50-100 lb movable propane tank, you can very easily bring efficient heating and cooking capabilities to your cabin.

How Can I Keep My Off-Grid Cabin Energy Efficient?


insulation for off grid cabins in rolla mo

It is very important to make sure your building does not lose heat, especially if you are there outside of the summer months. Two good options to use for insulation are spray foam and fiberglass batts. Some spray foam can actually help the structure of the building, while fiberglass batts are better if you want to customize anything later on. Overall, make sure that your cabin is well insulated and sealed, especially at the ceiling.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

appliances for off grid cabins in pea ridge mo

Your cabin may seem to be the perfect place for the old refrigerator; however, that is may not the case.  In an off-grid cabin application, energy-efficient appliances are very important to prevent overwhelming your electrical system.  Older appliances generally use more electricity than recent models, so going with newer appliances will use less electric power.   Using propane-powered cooktops and heaters is a good way to be more energy efficient overall.  You may even be interested in propane-powered refrigerators instead of the old one from 1985.

Appropriate Lighting

lighting in off grid cabin in chesterfield mo

For lighting your space, we recommend Kimberly’s opinion of using 12-volt LED lights, similar to what you would find in an RV. You can even get them in recessed, dimmable form! Light your space in an efficient and effective way.

Off-Grid Cabin Must Haves

Now that you have the main things taken care of, it’s time to look at other equally important things that will make or break your off-grid experience.  Below is a list of five things that we believe to be important off-grid cabin must-haves.


The average person uses an average of 80-100 gallons of water per day. Even if you use a fraction of that, where will that come from in an off-grid cabin location? The most ideal source of water is obviously a well, either with an electric pump or even a hand pump. Another source is a rainwater collection system mounted to catch water off your roof and store it in a tank. A nearby stream could also work, depending on the quality and distance from your off-grid cabin.

How should I store the water at my off-grid cabin?

water for off grid cabin in cuba mo

Most likely, you will not be able to have a well pump that constantly pumps water, so you will need a place to store it. Even if you are getting your water from a stream or rainwater, storing it in a small water tower would be a good option outside the winter months.  This would allow gravity to give you water pressure, even without electricity. You could run your pump to fill it back up whenever you need. Because rainwater and creek water tend to be unsafe to drink, you must keep a stash of purified water on hand for drinking.

Waste Management

waste management for off grid cabin in hillsboro mo

First of all, it is essential to check your local requirements regarding waste management. Not all waste management systems may fit the codes for your area. When we asked Kimberly about her setup, her number one option was installing a septic system for her off-grid cabin. This is the most convenient method. Some DIY septic systems are available, or a contractor could install one for you. However, other options are available. If putting a septic system in is not an option for you, consider using a composting toilet which can be kept inside your cabin or in an outbuilding close by.  It will need to be emptied from time to time, but it is designed for easy disposal.


foundation for off grid cabin in sullivan mo

Photo Credit: Site Prep

Do you need a foundation? In order for your off-grid cabin to remain stable and level for years, a foundation is necessary. We recommend a concrete pad for the best results; however, a pier-base foundation is also a good option. For a more in-depth analysis, read more on shed foundations.

Emergency Medical Supplies

emergency medical supplies for off grid cabin in ft leonard wood mo

What happens if I cut my finger? We highly recommend having an emergency medical kit stashed away, even for what seems to be minor issues.  From bandages and antiseptics to splints and medication, these supplies can literally be a lifesaver in the event of injury or illness. Make sure you take care of yourself by having a comprehensive first aid kit in your off-grid cabin.


tools for off grid cabins in jefferson city mo

Having the right tools make DIY activities achievable. Here is a list of tools we recommend you keep at your off-grid cabin.

This just a few of the things that you may deem necessary for your cabin. For a more in-depth list, read this blog from Ozark Premier Buildings titled ”51 Things You Need For Your Off-Grid Cabin.”

What Are The Disadvantages Of Off-Grid Cabins?

While there are many advantages to living off-grid, there is a downside as well. While you are living your happier and healthier life, these are some disadvantages you will face.

disadvantages of off grid cabins in owensville mo

Less Convenience

Living off-grid often means living further away from stores and other people. Anything that you need requires more effort to acquire. Additionally, daily comforts that you are accustomed to may not be available, including high-speed internet, consistent hot water, or a controlled indoor climate.

More Maintenance

Each of your off-grid cabin systems that are set up requires more maintenance than your typical house. Things like getting water and emptying the waste require more time to maintain functionality. If anything breaks, your systems are often more complicated to fix.

Less Predictability

Let’s face it, you may have times when the sun isn’t out, and the generator is out of gas. The systems you have set up are not as consistent as when you are on the grid. There may be times when you run out of water, depending on how you collect it. Because you are independent, understand that you might have cold showers and dark evenings sometimes.

Expensive Systems

The systems that you put in are generally more expensive than ones installed in traditional buildings.  The things that make you off-grid have more up-front costs than on-grid.  That is balanced with the fact that your off-grid cabin has fewer upkeep costs, so over time, those upfront costs will pay off.

So What Off Grid Cabin Sounds Right For You?

off grid cabins in jefferson city mo

The idea of being off the grid is exciting, tantalizing maybe.  For most of us, life is so busy that we rarely have time to enjoy the beauty we see around us. There are always “things to do, people to meet, places to go” as the saying goes. When we hear about being able to relax, hear our own thoughts, and enjoy life, we almost think that sounds like an unrealistic dream. However, at 5 Star Buildings, we pride ourselves on living up to our slogan, “You Dream It, We Build It.”

If you want to check out more of the pictures from Kimberly, check out the property listing. (The property is no longer for sale at this time, but we hope this can give you an idea of how you can enjoy your off-grid cabin space).

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shed permit in missouri

You did it! You found the shed you want. And this shed has everything, a loft, double doors for easy ride-in access for your mower, and windows. Everything is going just great until your shed builder says: “Do you have your permit in place for this project?” You feel a flush of embarrassment and realize you have no idea what they are talking about. It’s ok. We’ve helped hundreds of people get their permit needs squared away. So buckle up. We are here to help you get your shed permitting needs set into motion.

*While we at 5-Star Building do not take care of your building permits, we are here to help you succeed. We want to help point you in the right direction so that having your shed brought to your property is as easy as possible.

Do All Sheds Need A Permit In Missouri?

shed zoning requirements in mo

No, not all sheds need a permit in Missouri. However, this is widely variable and based on the location where the shed will be. Generally speaking, our smallest shed of 8×12 measurements (96 square feet)  should not need a building permit, no matter where you are located in Missouri. Anything that is less than 100 square feet seldom falls into the required permit category.

In fact, about 70% of the buildings we create for our customers never need to have a permit.

However, it is best practice to check with your HOA and local ordinances to ensure that the codes have not changed in your area.

Do I Need Blue Prints From My Shed Builder?

shed blue prints for shed permits in missouri

Sometimes your municipality may request blueprints of the shed that you are planning to construct and place on your property. To obtain the blueprints that you need, you should contact your builder. They will be able to create the blueprint plans for you; then, you can send them to the municipal office. There may be a small fee associated with these plans, so be sure to ask your shed builder how they go about this process.

Can My Shed Permit Be Denied?

shed permit denial in missouri

Yes, your shed permit can be denied. The municipal government has the final say as to what can be done on your property as far as building permits. Additionally, the local government may grant your permit request, and then the HOA may disapprove your plans. For this reason, we recommend that you work your steps in the following way.

  1. HOA approval for the size of your building
  2. Contact Your Municipality for more information
  3. Design your Shed on Our 3-D Builder
  4. Submit Your Plans to the municipality
  5. Prepare your shed site
  6. Have your shed delivered 
  7. Enjoy using your shed

Doing the steps in this suggested order will ensure that you are able to have the most hassle-free process in having your new shed placed.

Will My Shed Builder Take Care Of Getting My Shed Permit?

will my shed builder get my permit

You are responsible for obtaining your shed permits. At 5-Star Buildings, we are happy to assist you with the blueprints and building, but we do not obtain the permits for you. If you have additional questions, let us knwo, and we will be happy to assist you where we can.

Where Can I Find Shed Permit Requirements For Missouri?

shed permit in missouri

We serve a lot of areas in the state of Missouri. Each one seems to have a different standard of what is acceptable for shed requirements. To get to their websites, click the town name below, and you will be directed to their local website, which should assist you in finding their building code guidelines. 

Jefferson City




St. Robert










What Are Common Requirements For Shed Placement In Missouri?

zoning needs for shed permitting

As you can see from the above link each area of Missouri has different regulations that must be followed when adding a shed to your property. Not all municipalities require the same thing; in fact, some have no restrictions at all. On the other hand, some HOAs can be a bit of a bear to work with. 

For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on the area of Arnold, Missouri.  All of this information is readily available on their website. The purpose of this section is to educate you on what a municipality may require for successful shed installation.

Shed Permits In Arnold, Missouri

What Size Shed Needs A Permit?

do all sheds need apermit in missouri

In Arnold, Missouri, any shed that is over 200 square feet must have a permit. This means that any of our sheds that are 12×16 should not need a permit for your property. This means that all the following sheds could be acceptable without permits12x16, 12×12, 10×16, 10×12, 8×16, 8×12.

How Close To The Property Line Can My Shed Be Located?

how close can a shed be to the property line in mo

If your shed is 120 square feet or less, there are no setback property guidelines in place. However, if your shed is greater than 120 square feet, there are two major guidelines that must the followed. The first is the shed must be 15 feet from the rear property line. The second is that it must be 8 feet away from the side Property line.

Who Do I Contact About Shed Permit Information?

The best way to find out what you need for your shed in Arnold, MO, is to check out the website However, if you wish to talk to a live person about a permit, you can call 636-282-2378.

How Much Does A Shed Permit Cost?

how much does a shed permit cost in mo

Shed permits in Arnold, MO, have different costs depending on the size of your building. So long as you are under 200 square feet, you should not need to purchase a shed permit. To know how much your permit will cost, contact the city office, and they will be happy to assist you with any associated costs. 

Will My Shed Need To Be Anchored To The Ground?

At this time, the city of Arnold’s website does not specify if your shed needs to be anchored to the ground. However, we advise contacting the office if you are unsure.

What Is The Largest Shed I Can Have On My Property?

how large can my shed be on my property in missouri

At this time, there are no regulations as to what size shed you can have on your property in Arnold, MO. However, be advised that the size of your shed may be determined by your HOA or other governing bodies where you reside. In addition to this, it is important to remember what is required of your shed distancing in relation to the property lines surrounding you. (Pictured is our Estate Cabin. However, whether you purchase a cabin, shed, or garage, all of our products are built to the same residential standards you need and want.)

How Big Is Your Shed Dream?

At 5 Star Buildings, we specialize in building the dream that you have. Take a look at our 3-D builder to see what shed design you can come up with. When you are ready to have your shed built, contact us, and we will get to work on your project as quickly as we can.


10×16 storage sheds are a popular solution for storing many of the things for your life. Yet, trying to determine which foundation style is best for you and your needs can be a bit overwhelming. To help you, understand what 10×16 foundation will fit the needs you have, we have created a head-to-head comparison of all the different styles of 10×16 shed foundations on the market today.

*Not all sheds pictured in this article are built to 10×16 shed specifications. The purpose of this article is to display what a proper foundation looks like.*

How Much Does A 10×16 Shed Cost?

how much does a 10x16 shed cost

10×16 sheds will range in cost from $2,200* all the way up to $5,495*. However, something to keep in mind is that not all sheds are constructed equally. The sheds at the lowered end of the price range will be built from inferior material, like a plastic resin, unlike those from the higher end of the spectrum, which is built from wood or vinyl.

However, at 5-Star Buildings, all of our sheds are built with high standards, no matter the design choice. In fact, we offer The Garden Shed, The Lofted Barn Shed, The Livery Shed, The Estate Shed, and The Minibarn. So head on over to our 3-D Builder and see which style suits you best!

*Prices are subject to change, so please contact your dealer for more information on prices on our sheds.

What Can I Store In A 10×16 Shed?

what can be stored in a 10x16 shed in mo

A 10×16 shed will offer you roughly 160 square feet of storage space. This means you will be able to comfortably store:

2 Adult Bikes

1 Small Patio Table

1 Patio Umbrella

1 Push Mower

1 Ride-On Lawn Mower

1 Generator 

1 Wheelbarrow

1 Shop Vac

4 Camping Chairs

In our years of experience in the shed industry, we have found that these are often the items that most people need help storing. If this doesn’t seem like quite enough space, check out our blog on 12×16 Storage Sheds.

Does My 10×16 Shed Need A Foundation?

does my 10x16 shed need a foundation

Yes. Your shed should have a foundation below it for two main reasons. The first reason is to give it additional stability so that the structure ages well and does not prematurely deteriorate. The second reason, which is equally important, is to make sure that proper drainage takes place and does not cause excess moisture to puddle up below the structure causing damage.

Is It Difficult To Make Install My Own Shed Foundation?

is it difficult to install my own shed foundation in mo

Installing your own shed foundation may be difficult depending on which foundation option you choose and what your skill level is. The easiest type of foundation to put into place for all skill levels is a gravel shed foundation. This is due to the fact that stone and gravel can be delivered at set into the designated footprint space that you need for your shed.

How Big Does My 10×16 Shed Foundation Need To Be?

This may sound kind of funny to say, but your 10×16 shed foundation should be one foot longer and one foot wider than the actual shed. This means your shed foundation should be 11×17. In the above video, you can see how people create gravel shed pads and how you can create one for yourself. Of note, we do not offer this service and do not have anyone to recommend to do this service. Yet, we believe that there are 10 reasons why the shed foundation needs to have extra space around the structure itself.

10 Reasons Why Your 10×16 Shed Foundation Matters

Proper Drainage

proper drainage for my 10x16 shed

Excess space around the foundation of your shed allows for better water drainage. By having the proper type of drainage, you will prevent water from pooling around the runners of your shed. This means your shed should not have damage from the water or start to rot prematurely. 

Enhanced Stability

shed foundations provide enhanced stability for your 10x16 shed

The extra space found around the foundation of your shed provides you with added stability. The way your stability is increased by having a foundation around your shed is by preventing soil erosion. Soil erosion occurs when too much water either runs or puddles up under the shed. When soil erosion takes place, it will cause your shed to become “lop-sided” or have that dreadful sticking door people often associate with an old shed that has not been well taken care of. While we are happy to build you another shed, we want to see your shed last as long as possible.

Proper Air Circulation

proper airflow for 10x16 shed foundations

Adequate space around the shed allows for proper air circulation. The reason air circulation is so important with your shed is it prevents moisture buildup and mold growth. By preventing the build-up of mold and moisture, you will increase the longevity of your shed as well as keep the allergens of mold and mildew away from you and your family.

Easy Accessibility

Having extra space around the shed allows for easier access.  No matter if you are fixing some dinged-up paint from a rock that hits the siding, spraying to keep bugs away, or need to rake around your shed. We have seen this extra space around the shed to be very helpful in giving you some additional working space. This means less hassle for you and a longer life for your shed.

Fire Safety

When you purchase a shed, you never think that a fire will happen. However, fires are a sad reality for many people. Whether your fire starts in the shed or a surrounding structure, your shed’s foundation can provide additional safety. If the fire starts in your shed, your foundation will keep your building further away from other structures, leaves, or vegetation. Which in turn would cause less overall damage. On the other hand, if the fire starts outside of your shed, the appropriate foundation and permitter may prevent the shed from catching fire at all.

Pest control:

You might think that putting your shed on a foundation would welcome critters to take up residence under your shed. However, having your shed on a foundation does quite the opposite. Adequate space around the shed can make it harder for pests like rodents and insects to access the shed without you noticing. We believe having a clear line of sight to what is going on under your shed will allow you to reduce the likelihood of an unwanted infestation.


10x16 shed foundations offer curb appeal

When you buy a shed, you don’t only want the building to look great but the whole area around it to look great as well. The extra space around the shed can enhance the overall appearance of your property, as some people have created beautiful sitting areas in front of their shed for themselves and others to enjoy. On the whole, a well-constructed shed foundation makes the shed more attractive and allows for the area to be well-maintained.


10x16 shed foundations allow for exterior storage

 Now it may sound odd to say that you would want to store things outside of your shed. However, having additional space around the shed can provide extra storage space for outdoor equipment and tools. Think of it like this. You may put a shed by your pool and then place brackets to store your skimmer or vacuum on the backside of your shed. By having the extra 6 inches of space on the outside of your shed, you will have adequate and easy access space for outside storage.

Future Expansion

10x16 shed foundations give you a head start for additions

If you ever decide to expand the shed in the future, having extra space because of the foundation will make it easier to do so. Now you may need more than six inches worth of space to do what you would like to do. However, maybe you need to store just a few small things like pool toys or life jackets. The extra six inches worth of foundational space would allow you to create an outdoor closet of sorts so that you can store the items outside of the shed and still be within your footprint of the foundation. 

Building Codes

10x16 shed foundations make your building up to code

Every municipality is different, but many of them require a certain amount of space between a structure and the surrounding area. This often times includes sheds. By placing your shed on a foundation, you give yourself the added benefit of complying with zoning laws, all while increasing your shed’s overall integrity.

What Type Of Shed Foundation Is Best For A 10×16 Shed?

what shed foundation is best for a 10x16 shed in mo

If you ask 10 shed builders what shed foundation is best, you may end up with 10 different answers. We believe the best should foundations are gravel and poured concrete. Gravel is our go-to foundation recommendation. The reason we recommend this style of foundation is typically the most affordable and allows for proper drainage around the structure. The second best foundation is the poured concrete foundation. The reason we say this is the second best option is the cement foundations are very expensive and, if not put in properly, can allow puddling to happen where you can not see it. This is especially true for buildings that exceed the 10×16 size.  However, concrete foundations are a great option for those who need to store very heavy equipment in their sheds, such as woodworking tools or multiple ATVs or motorcycles.

10×16 Shed Foundation Styles

what kind of foundation does a 10x16 shed need a shed foundation in mo

Picking the proper foundation for your shed is equally as important as selecting the shed that you want. Without the proper foundation, your shed will start to deteriorate and become damaged. To help you determine which shed foundation is the best for your shed needs, we have selected several foundation options.

10×16 Shed Foundation – Gravel

10x16 shed foundations offer curb appeal

Gravel Shed foundations are the most common and practical shed foundations on the market today. These foundations utilize the crushed stone to allow for a permeable foundation that drains water away easily. This shed foundation will prevent the skid from prematurely rotting. Since the gravel foundation has the ability to properly drain it should ensure that the moisture will not pool under the shed itself. 
What we really enjoy about gravel shed foundations is the customization options. While the base layer should be crushed stones, the top layer can be any kind of stone that you wish. Some of the stone styles that people enjoy putting on their top layer of stones are River Pebble, Mexican Beach Pebble, and Black Beach Pebble.

Take a look at our video, where we describe how to prepare your gravel shed foundation for shed delivery.


Relatively Affordable

Materials Are Easy To Find

Color Preferences

Drains Easily 

Can Be Moved If Needed


Decorative Rocks May Need to be Replaced

Easily Washed Away From Site

10×16 Shed Foundation – Poured Concrete

pros and cons of poured concrete foundations for 10x16 sheds

Poured Concrete Shed foundations are a great option for your 10×16 shed, especially if your building is holding heavy equipment. These pads do a great job of evenly distributing the weight of the shed and ensuring that the framing does not become warped. However, these shed pads are very expensive and will not allow you to easily change the location of your shed should you need to move it.




Low Maintenance 


Very Expensive

Difficult to do on your own

Can not be moved

Maybe you have decided that this type of foundation is the best fit for your needs. The next natural question that people ask is, “ How much does this cost to do it on my own”? For that, take a look at the below video to see how much it may cost you to do this project or if you think it is worth hiring a professional to do the work for you.

10×16 Shed Foundation – Pavers

Pavers are a common and popular way to give your shed a foundation. However, if this shed foundation is not put into place properly, it will function almost as if the shed is directly on the ground. This is an issue as it can bend and twist the frame of the shed as the ground levels out over time. Ultimately this will cause your shed to not be able to function properly. (*The shed featured in this video is not to 10×16 dimensions),



Easy to install

Relatively affordable



Can Crack

Not as permeable as gravel 

If you are not sure if a paver foundation will fit the needs you have, take a look at this video. This will give you a guide on how to install a simple paver foundation. Ideally, you would only use this kind of foundation if your shed is storing lightweight items and not heavy machinery. 

10×16 Shed Foundation – Cinder Blocks

pros and cons of poured cinder block shed foundation for 10x16 sheds

Cinder blocks are a cheap and inexpensive way to give your portable building some increased stability and foundation. Yet, cinder blocks may not be the best option for a portable building foundation if it is not set up properly. However, many smaller sheds can be just fine on nothing but cinderblocks. And just in case you are wondering yes, cinder blocks are helpful in leveling out a foundation when needed.

However, when your shed is put on cinder blocks as the sole support, several main issues may arise. Commonly what we see with the doors is that they may need to be adjusted to compensate for shifting. If the blog foundation is not set properly, you may notice sagging in the middle of the shed due to a lack of support. Lastly, and most importantly, your shed can become inhabited by wildlife using the floor as the “roof over their head.” We have even heard of reports where stray cats, rabbits, or skunks take up home under your shed and can make the area of your shed less than ideal to work with. 



Easy to Install



Can Crack Easily 

10×16 Shed Foundation | Directly on the Ground

pro and cons of 10x16 sheds directly on the ground

Your shed is built on runners and joists that give your structure a floor. Many people believe that this system is enough of a foundation to give their building the stability it needs. While we would never sell you a building that can not do its job, we believe that the life of your shed is greatly decreased when placed directly on the ground. That is why we strongly advise against placing your shed on the ground directly. 


No need for an additional cost

Less expensive


Decreases the life of your shed

Ultimately costs more when a new shed is needed earlier than anticipated

Top 4 Considerations For Selecting the Right 10×16 Shed Foundation

top four considerations when selecting the right 10x16 shed foundation

When you are considering how to select the best foundation for your shed, we think there are four items to keep in mind. Each one of these tips is important. However, one thing we want to emphasize is that having your shed on a foundation is integral to improving the life of your shed.


budgeting for your 10x16 shed foundations

Consider your budget when choosing the proper shed foundation. While a concrete slab foundation may be the most durable option, it is also the most expensive. A gravel foundation or block foundation are more affordable alternatives. However, keep in mind that the foundation you pay for will greatly impact the longevity of your shed. A good piece of information to keep in mind for your shed foundation is spending less now may cost you more later, and spending more now may cost you less later. 


how to pick your 10x16shed foundation based on the climate

Consider the climate in your area when choosing a foundation. For example, if you live in an area with heavy rainfall, a gravel foundation may be the best option to prevent water from seeping into the shed. While cement slabs are a great foundation for sheds, they may cause puddling underneath the structure that you can not see. This collection of water causes your sheds to sit in water and increases the rate at which aging will take effect. Additionally, if you choose pavers, cider blocks, or directly on the ground, you may run into issues with how the wood warps or twists over time and not being on a solid base.


how to pick your 10x16shed foundation based on the climate

Think about how you plan to use your shed when choosing a foundation. If you plan to use it as a workspace or hobby area, a concrete slab foundation may be more suitable due to the weight of the items within your shop. However, if you plan to use your shed to store your typical lawn mower and patio furniture, you may not need as robust a foundation system. In this context, a gravel shed foundation should be more than sufficient for the needs you have!


how to choose the best shed foundation based on zoning permits

Each part of the country will have different codes that may require you to have a building permit. The best way to see what kind of permits you need is to contact your local zoning and building code officer. They will be able to tell you what kind of foundation will require you to obtain a permit. Keep in mind that the need for a zoning permit may vary within each municipality so if you plan to move your shed, it is best to see what the new zoning area will require. 

So What Foundation For Your 10×16 Shed Suits Your Needs The Best?

the best 10x16 shed foundation for your needs

As we have mentioned, we think that the best option for a 10×16 shed foundation is either a gravel or poured cement pad. However, it ultimately comes down to which shed foundation fits your needs the best. If, after reading this article, you still are not quite sure which option will be best for your needs, give us a call! We would love to help you determine which shed foundation is the best for your shed, garage, or cabin!


Portable buildings have become increasingly popular. Many people have thought of portable buildings as tents for large parties or poorly constructed sheds. However, Portable buildings encompass a vast array of quality built structures. This article will discuss portable building sizes that are available to you. Let’s get a better understanding of what a quality portable building is.

portable buildings for rent to own in mo

What Are Portable Buildings? 

A portable building is defined as a custom-built structure built on a skid foundation. The most common portable buildings are sheds, garages, and cabins. What makes these buildings portable is their ease of deliverability. No matter the size, a portable building is delivered using a specialized truck and trailer. Once the truck arrives at your desired location, a mule sets your building into the exact position you want it. The delivery process of a portable building will look very similar to the video below. 

What Is A Portable Shed?

Portable sheds are made from high-quality lumber. A quality portable shed is a pre-fabricated building constructed off-site and delivered to the customer. A portable shed’s size can be compact enough for a few garden tools or large enough for a whole landscaping crew’s needs. A custom-built portable shed is a versatile option for a storage solution, office space, art studio, or other needs!

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What Is A Portable Garage?

A portable garage is a custom-designed portable building that is built off-site and delivered to the customer’s final location. Portable garages can be made from cloth, metal (such as a carport), and wood. While carports or fabric garages serve a purpose, they are not nearly as robust and durable as a wooden garage. A solid wooden portable garage can be used just like a traditional garage, whether you need to store a single vehicle, multiple ATVs, or anything else you need space for. Quality portable garages are built to satisfy the needs and design desires you have.

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What Is A Portable Cabin?

Portable cabins are premade dwellings built off-site and then moved to the desired location of the customer. Portable cabins can be custom-built to the look, size, and feel that is desired. Your desire for a small weekend retreat, family getaway, or primary residence is possible with a portable cabin.

To gain a better understanding of how portable buildings are constructed, take a look at the video from our founder Kris Zimmerman.

Portable Building Size Usable Space

As you progress through the article, you will see that the usable space varies from the actual width and length of the building’s size. The “discrepancy” exists because the size given does not account for the space lost from the materials that are used during the construction. A good rule of thumb is to remove 1’ from the length and 1’ from the width when determining what your usable space will be.

portable building usable space for 10x12 shed in cuba mo

*Disclaimer: The intention of this graphic is to give you a principal idea of how internal and external measurements differ. For an accurate representation of our measurements, look at our website. Or, see our article on 7 Garden Shed Interior Storage Ideas to make more use of all the interior space of a building.

Maximum, Minimum, and Average Portable Building Sizes

Portable buildings come in a wide variety of sizes. The size of the portable building will significantly impact what you can do with your structure. Whether you need a storage shed or an oversized garage, it is crucial to know what different sizes are available to you.

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What Is The Smallest Portable Building Size?

The smallest size portable building that 5-Star Buildings creates is 8’x12’. A portable building of this size will give you approximately 77 square feet of usable space. With 77 square feet of usable space, this sized portable building is ideal for the hobby gardener or someone needing to store a few seasonal items.

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What Is The Largest Portable Building Size?

The largest portable building that 5 Star Buildings creates is 16‘ x 48’. A portable building of this size will give you approximately 705 square feet of usable space. With 705 square feet of usable space, this portable building is an excellent fit for a multi-vehicle garage or portable cabin. 

What Is The Average Portable Building Size?

The average-sized portable building is 10’x16’ and will give you approximately 135 square feet of usable space. This portable building size may be larger than what you need. However, it is a great idea to keep in mind that most people find this size portable building suitable.

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Popular Portable Buildings Sizes

You are not alone in your search of a quality portable building if you are working with a local reputable builder. Understanding what size building you need will make the difference between getting what you need or being unsatisfied with your purchase, so you want to take your time on this step. To help you understand what building will suit your needs best, the list below will help you identify what some of the most-searched-for buildings have to offer.

16×40 Portable Buildings

16x40 portable buildings for sale in fenton mo

A 16×40 portable building offers 585 square feet of usable storage space. A portable building of this size is a beautiful addition to any property for large storage amounts.


It goes without saying that a 16×40 portable building offers a lot of space. Traditionally, this size portable building is used for garages and cabins.  It’s large enough for larger equipment storage if you install an overhead garage door. At 585 usable square feet, you can create a nice cabin or larger tiny house for long-term living. Another idea for a 16×40 building is to convert the area into a half office, half garage and make the space a genuine multipurpose building.


A 16×40 portable building will take up a footprint of at least 640 square feet. While this square footage is excellent for large-item storage, it is as large as an NYC apartment, so you are going to need some space on your land.

12×24 Portable Buildings

12x24 portable buildings for sale in barnhart mo

A 12×24 portable building offers about 253 square feet of usable storage space. A portable building of this size begins to get us into the mid-sized storage range. 


253 square feet sounds like an awful lot of storage space, and it is. A portable building of this size will allow you to comfortably store a vehicle and an ATV. Perhaps you don’t have that many vehicles to keep stored. A 12×24 portable building has enough space for a workbench and a vehicle storage area.


The footprint of a 12×24 portable building will take up at least 288 square feet. This exterior size is typical of a small 2-car garage. While this building size is great if you only desire to store 2 small vehicles, many people have found that an interior modification of a loft is needed to store more than that. However, a quality portable building manufacturer can typically add in a loft if you desire.

12×20 Portable Buildings

12x20 portable buildings for sale in mo

A 12×20 portable building offers 209 square feet of usable storage space. A portable building of this size is great for someone needing more than just a basic storage solution.


209 square feet is the perfect size for an oversized single-vehicle garage. A Cadilac Escalade would be able to fit in this portable garage comfortably. Conversely, if you do not need a portable building this size for a single vehicle, storing a smaller sedan and a few odds and ends is an excellent option for using this size portable building.


Taking up 240 square feet of space, it can seem like this portable building is a power horse for storage room. However, this size portable building does leave many people desiring more space. If storing a single vehicle is your goal, this will be a great portable building. If you prefer more storage space than a single car, this building will fill quickly.

10×16 Portable Buildings

10x16 potable building size for sale in woodlan lakes mo enhanced


135 square feet of storage space is a solid option for a person who needs a little bit of storage space. Larger than the smallest size portable building on the market but not so big it can’t fit in your yard, we like to say this shed “is just right.” You will be able to store all your gardening and lawn care supplies with ease or have a great home office. Additionally, the 10×16 is the most common portable building size and is a great point of reference to know that most people find this size suitable.


When you need a portable building that is multi-use, this building is not a good fit. Some of the larger sizes of portable buildings can be fitted as a dual work zone such as storage space and an office. However, this portable building this size is not able to do that.

How Do I Choose The Right Portable Building Size?

Determining what size portable building you need is overwhelming. You need a surefire way to know that the portable building size you are purchasing is the right size. Two easy ways to determine what size you need are by: 

  1. Knowing your usage intentions
  2. Knowing the contents, you intend to store.

Choosing A Portable Building Size Based On Use

portable building sizes in mo

What you intend to use your portable building for will help you determine the correct building size to purchase. Typically, there are three primary uses for each building size: Shed storage, garage, or living space. To help you determine the size you need, here are a few items to consider. 

Portable Buildings For Shed Storage:

portable buildings for storage shed usage

No matter the “stuff” you have, you need a place to keep it. A portable building is a cost-effective and beneficial way to store your belongings compared to the storage alternatives. One of the standard storage alternatives is the self-storage unit. The self-storage unit is only 100 square feet and rents for around $140 a month. Instead of renting a self-storage unit, you can finance a rent-to-own portable building of the size you need for a comparable price, if not less.  

Portable Buildings For Garage Space:

portable buildings for garages in barnhart mo

Storing your car away from the elements is a common issue we all have. A portable garage allows you to have a building dedicated to one of the most significant assets, your vehicle. The average car garage attached to a home is 12 x24. However, a portable building can be designed to the specifications you need. Whether your portable garage is for a smart car or for multi-car storage, a portable garage can be constructed to your specifications.

Portable Buildings As Living Space:

quality built portable building to live in near barnhart mo

Making great memories with our family is something we all want to do. A portable cabin is a great place to have those memories happen. It doesn’t matter if your portable building is used as a primary residence or vacation spot. Our largest size portable building, 16’x48’, will give you a minimum of 705 square feet for your living space. As the cost of traditional homes and vacation rentals increases, a portable building of any size is an option worth considering.

Choosing A Portable Building Size Based On Contents:

portable buildings for storage in jefferson city mo

The contents you need to put in your portable building are very important. While other options for storage exist outside of portable buildings, they can be limiting in their configuration. On the other hand, a quality and robust portable building can be configured to store what you need. To be able to hold what you find important, two primary items should be done to make the selection process of a portable building successful. Let’s start with the first one.

List What You Want To Store In Your Portable Building:

portable buildings available for rent to own in fenton mo

Listing the items you want to store in a portable building may seem like a “duh” statement. However, understanding your storage needs is vital to having the appropriate portable building size. When you begin making a list of your storage needs, traditionally, it is best to start with the largest items first and work your way down to smaller items. 

Some everyday items people store in their large-sized portable buildings are:

Some common items people store in their smaller sized portable buildings are:

These are not exhaustive lists, but you will probably have some items on each list that you desire to store. To remedy that situation, a mid-sized portable building may be worth considering for your storage needs. Now, onto the 2nd item, you will want to consider.

Draw A Portable Building Floor Map

portable building floor plans in jefferson mo

No matter the size of the portable building you decide is best for you, it will be helpful to layout a floor plan. The floor plan of your portable building’s size will help you visualize where to store your items. Seeing how the items will be stored in a way that gives you perspective on the ease and efficiency of your storage layout. To help you understand the layout of your building(s), we have found that using a tool like Smart Draw is very helpful. Check out this post about 10×16 portable buildings to be able to better visualize how different layout designs can work.

Portable Building FAQs:

How Many Kinds Of Portable Buildings Designs Are Available?

Many portable building companies have multiple choices of building styles to choose from. At 5 Star Buildings, we have 3 primary buildings styles available in numerous designs. 


A quality-built portable garage starts at a size of 12’ x16’ and can be built as large as 16’x 48’. No matter your needs for a portable garage, you will be able to select the size garage that will accommodate your desires.


A quality-built portable shed starts at the size of 8’ x 12’ and can be made to the largest size of 16’ x 48 ‘. This portable building style suits the needs of a plethora of uses, from a small garden shed to a sizeable at-home office space.


An excellently constructed cabin begins at the size of 12’ x 16’ and can be created to the immense size of 16’ x 48’. The portable buildings sizes in the category ensure that even a smaller dwelling can be an enjoyable place to spend time.

Are All Portable Buildings Created The Same?

Not all portable buildings are the same. A quality portable building of any size should be built to residential standards. More budget-friendly portable buildings do exist. The sacrifice of these portable buildings would be their construction may not be high quality and will not last as long.

Can My Portable Building Be Customized?

custom portable buildings for sale in cuba missouri

A portable building of any size can be customized to fit the design needs that you have. Some of the design features for your portable building include;

Overall, a portable building of any size should be designed to fit the needs you have, not the other way around.

portable buildings for sale in woodland lakes mo


Portable buildings come in various sizes; some options of our smallest options are 8′ x 12′, while more extensive custom-built options can be as big as 16’x 48’. Each size has its pros and cons.  The best way to know what size portable building will work for you is to list what you will need to store and sketch out a floor plan to see how it will fit. By doing your research, you will find what portable building size suits your needs best by doing your research.  

At 5 Star Building, we are happy to help you figure out what will serve your needs. What size portable building do you think suits your needs the best? Fill out a quote form and see how we can create a portable building for you!

If you are ready to start designing, try out our 3-D Builder!


12×16 sheds are an excellent option for many people and their storage needs. Whether you want to fit in some large gardening items or some of your outdoor toys (like ATVs), a 12×16 storage shed is a great option. Here are 5 questions you need to ask when considering the purchase of a 12×16 storage shed.


1. Is A 12×16 Shed Big Enough?

12*16 sheds around barnhart mo

This is a great question. Our most popularly ordered shed has been the 10×16. So to order a 12×16 shed, you will give yourself about 2’ of extra room for what you need. Imagine having all the storage space of a 10×16 shed with enough room for a nice-sized workbench. A 12×16 shed offers you a great storage area and a comfortable working space.

What Can You Fit In a 12×16 Shed?


photo credit:

In order to better visualize what you can put in a 12×16 shed, we have compiled the following list as an example only (this is a basic 12×16 footprint with no loft included). According to the Lp Sidings storage guide, you would be able to fit the following items in a 12×16 storage shed comfortably.

2 Fuel Cans (15″ L x 10″ W)

4 Long-Handled Garden Tools (20″ W x 24″ D)

1 Propane Grill (52.65″ W x 23.3″ D)

2 Ladders (80″ L x 7″ D)

1 Push Lawn Mower (60″ L x 25″ W)

1 14 Gallon Shop Vacuum (20″ L x 16.25″ W)

1 Small Drivable Vehicle (72.75″ L x 45″ W)

1 Snow Blower (48″ L x 21″ W)

1 Wheelbarrow (58.75″ L x 25.5″ W)

1 Freestanding Cabinet (28″ W x 18″ D)

2 Hanging Cabinets (28″ W x 13″ D)

2 Garbage Bins (28.5″ L x 23″ W)

1 Set of Hanging Shelves (40″ W x 12″ D)

1 Tool Chest (28″ L x 18″ W)

1 Trunk/Toy Chest (30″ L x 16″ W)

1 Child Sized Basketball Hoop (23.75″ W x 22″ D)

2 Bicycles (63″ L x 23″ W)

2 Scooters (24.8 ” L x 8″ W)

1 Wagon (41.75″ L x 20.75″ W)

4 Reclining Patio Chairs (28″ W x 22″ D)

1 Long Work Bench (96″ L x 25″ D)

Now that’s A LOT of storage! A great way to get even more storage space from a 12 x16 shed is by considering a Lofted Storage Shed. A loft gives you the benefit of more storage space without needing to take up any additional yard space from a 12×16 shed. 

Perhaps the items listed in this lineup are not precisely what you need to store. You can know how much storage space you need by going to the LP Smart Sidings Size Tool. Here you can input what you desire to store, and they will give you a suggested storage building size.

2. What Foundation Does A 12×16 Shed Need?

12x16 sheds around barnhart mo

Like any portable structure, a 12×16 shed needs a place to be set. There are multiple foundation options available for a 12×16 shed to be placed on. Let’s look at the most common type of shed foundation options.

Stone/Gravel Pad

16x12 garden storage shed in mo

Stone and Gravel pads give your 12×16 shed a solid foundation and allow for the correct water drainage. Having a gravel pad ensures that you have the appropriate drainage and does 2 valuable items for your shed.

1.) You will be increasing the life of your shed’s skid wood. You are giving more life to the wood of your shed because the water will drain away and not allow rot to start as quickly on the skid foundation. 

2.) Using a shed foundation like a gravel pad will ensure that erosion and ground shifting will not occur as quickly as the water drains away from the building. 

One of the perks of doing a gravel site is that you can do this on your own for a relatively low cost.

Cement Pad:

12*16 shed in st. louis mo

Some people like the look and permanency of a poured cement foundation for their 12×16 shed. This is a great option but does come with some caution.

  1. The process of installing a cement-poured foundation can be pretty costly. To do a poured cement foundation, you will need to have a crew come and do the appropriate grading, underlayment, and any additional leveling that needs to take place. This needed labor is sure to increase the cost.
  2. If the slope in the grading process is off for your cement-poured foundation, you can end up with standing water where you can not see it. Having standing water under your 12×16 shed increases the chances of rot occurring where you can not see it. In the long run, the standing water may cause deterioration, meaning you will need to make repairs earlier than expected.
  3. While a poured cement foundation can be done on your own, it takes a bit of know-how and is not a project that a novice DIYer can not quickly complete.

No Foundation

12x16 sheds in cuba for sale

Some people have thought that they do not need to have a foundation in place for their 12×16 shed. The idea of not having a foundation is tempting if you are looking to save money in the short term. Conversely, it will cause more issues than you had intended in the long term. Such as: 

3. How Many Square Feet Does 12×16 Shed Take Up?

12*16 sheds for sale in mo

12×16 sheds have a footprint space for their size; the footprint space is the amount of space a shed will take up in a given area. A 12×16 shed will take up a minimum of 12 feet x 16 feet. However, that does not account for the additional surrounding space of a foundation. The extra square footage space needed for a shed foundation is about l 1 foot on each side. By requiring the other 1’ on each side you should plan for a 12×16 storage shed to have a footprint space of about 13×17.

4. How Many Square Feet of Usable Space Does A 12×16 Shed Offer?

12x16 sheds for sale near fenton

The usable space of a 12×16 storage shed will not be the same as the exterior measurements (or footprint size). However, there is a valid reason for that! When we give you a measurement of 12’ x 16’, that is only the exterior measurement (the exact measurement is 11′ 6″x 15′ 6″). The internal size will cause you to lose some space due to the materials used to construct the shed. At 5 Star Buildings, something that sets us apart from others is that the interior room only loses a total of 7″ of interior space.

So let us break down how much usable space you will receive from a 12×16 storage shed.

11′ 6″’ – 7”  = 10’ 11“

16′ – 7” = 15’ 5”

These measurements give you an interior usage space of 162.84 ft² when purchasing a 12×16 shed from 5 Star Buildings.

5. Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A 12 x 16 Shed?

12*16*storage sheds in cuba mo

At 5 Star Buildings, our 12×16 sheds have a range of prices from $5,255  to $6,195 at the time of this writing. However, a 12×16 shed that has additional features will give variance in cost. The sheds that we currently build to a 12×16 dimension are

*Images are to show available shed models and may not be to scale. However, all shed styles shown can be built to 12×16 dimensions.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a 12x 16 Shed?

12*16 sheds for sale near st

12×16 Shed Kit Cost

A 12×16 shed kit from Amazon will cost you around $4,127. However, it does not include everything you may be thinking of at that price.  If you want a floor, windows, or something even as necessary as roofing,  you will need to figure out how to do that on your own and have those as an added cost. So at the end of the day, you might have saved a few hundred dollars on your 12×16 shed kit, but you have the hassle of doing all the work yourself.

12×16 Built From Scratch

12x16 shed lumber

You may look at these prices and still say to yourself,  “I know I can build it all with my own 2 working hands,” and maybe you have that know-how. However, with your knowledge, don’t forget that it may be very pricey to build a shed on your own if you don’t have the tools or materials on hand already.


tools to build a 12x16 shed

To purchase all the tools required to build your shed, will cost approximately $2,365 (according to Northwood Industries based out of Wisconsin).  This includes everything from basics like a hammer to more expensive equipment such as a chop saw. The numbers speak for themselves. The tools to build a 12×16 shed are not very cheap, however, any tools that you do have will change the cost of building the 12×16 shed.


Building a 12×16 shed is no small feat. The materials you will need to create this structure are pretty extensive. The bare essentials that this DIY project consists of are** :

4, 4”x4”x16’ $137.92
3,  2”x6”x8’$38.79
2, 2”x6”x10’$37.06
2, 2”x6”x16’$30.58
13, 2”x6”x12$202.93
15, 4’x8’ ¾” Plywood Sheets$524.70
4 2”x4” X16’$71.68
18 2’x4’x12’$239.76
105 2”x4”x8’$786.45
4 1”x6”x8 $32.32
6 1”x6”x6’$41.28
15 4’x8’pieces of T1-11 $595.80
2 4×8 pieces of ½” plywood$79.98
1 roll of 500 Square Feet of Tar Paper$44.16
10 Bundles of Shingles$412.80
1 Bucket of 1 ⅝” screws$49.98
1 Bucket of 2 ½” screws$22.99
1 Bucket of 3 ½” screws$129.85
1 Large bottle of Wood Glue$20.23
2 Gallons of Exterior Paint$51.98
1 set of Rafter Ties$46.99
1 Door Hardware Kit$17.49
Bare Minimum Materials Cost$3,612.72*

*Disclaimer: These prices are subject to change. This table is intended as a guide and the prices reflected are accurate as of 5/5/2022. Additionally, these prices do not include taxes.

** These materials are compiled form the DIY website and are not the plans of a 5 Star Buildings 12×16 shed.

12x16xbuilt from scratch shed infenton mo

12×16 Shed Labor Cost :

For 2 typical DIYers, it will take about 5 8-hour days to build a 12×16 shed. Another way to think of this is it will take you about every Saturday in a month to complete. The average hourly rate in Cuba, MO, is $14.32. This hourly wage means that at 80 hours of labor, it will cost about $1,145.60. However, something to keep in mind is you may make more or less than $14.32/hour. These numbers may significantly impact the cost of your build if you use the “bill at your hourly wage” principle. 

12×16 Shed Total Cost:

The total cost of building a 12×16 shed is $7,571.14. We break down the price of a shed build as follows. Your total cost for materials will come in at a minimum of $3,612.72 (not including taxes). If you don’t have any, your total cost for tools will be $2,365 (not including taxes). Labor costs will be around $1,145.00 if billed at the average rate of $14.32/hour.  So in total, to build a 12×16 storage shed, your tools and materials cost $7,122.72.  In seeing this price calculation to build your own 12×16 shed from start to finish, you will spend about $966.17 more than buying our most expensive 12×16 shed.

12x16 sheds near jefferson city mo

What if I have some of the supplies for my 12×16 shed?

If you are considering building your own 12×16 shed, the odds are that you have some of the equipment needed to make your shed. If you have all the tools required for the mentioned price calculation, the cost to build your shed with labor and materials will be roughly $4.757.72. The analysis presented to you shows a savings of about $500 from purchasing our most affordable shed. However, the $500 spent on buying a 12×16 shed may be worth saving yourself the week of vacation time it takes to build.

12x16 sheds for sale in woodlan lake mo

How Are Your Prices for 12×16 Sheds So Affordable?

12×16 sheds built by a manufacturer like us are reasonably priced for a few key reasons.

Project Basis: One of our experienced builders works in our controlled environment and focuses on only your shed. This makes it easy for your shed to be completed from start to finish as we are always finding ways to increase our efficiency.

Whole Sale Pricing: We can be so competitive in our pricing by purchasing in wholesale quantities. Because of the volume we order, we can save on the price compared to a retail store, which means we pass the saving on to you!

Expertise: When we hire people at 5-Star Building, we make sure that they are experts in their field. By having these experts on our team, we can work efficiently and correct the issues that come up efficiently. 


12×16 sheds are a great option to store the stuff that makes your life enjoyable. Whether you’re storing a lawnmower, gardening tools, or all the outdoor toys your kids play with. We know that a 12×16 storage shed can help you get the organized life you have always wanted! If you live in our service area, stop dreaming about what you want and fill out a quote form. Or take it one step further and use our 3-D Builder to design your dream shed. At 5-Star Buildings we strive to build your dreams!


You finally did what you have always dreamed of doing! You’ve taken months, maybe even years, to find the perfect piece of land to enjoy your time off. This location has everything you and your family have always wanted. A great water source for the wildlife, mature trees that offer an abundance of shade, and the perfect spot to sip your morning coffee and take it all in. Everything seems just perfect for your new property. Except for one big thing, you have no idea where you are going to shelter yourself and your family when you go to your new property (cue panic music).

portable cabin with loft in 65453

You thought about the tiny house idea, but it seems like a lot more fuss than you thought it would be, and you say to yourself: “Who wants to be confined in such a small space for all the time that we plan to spend there”? So what options are you left with for your new land purchase? Perhaps the old family camper no one wanted? Maybe we could do some tents when it is nice out, but what about hunting season when it gets cooler? What is a yurt anyway? What you really want is something you could you buy that would be totally customizable. A piece that is original and unique to you and your family’s needs. Something that says to others, “Who built that? I want something like this on my property”!  With nearly a decade in business, 5 Star Buildings is happy to introduce you to portable cabins. Our Portable Cabins could be what you have been dreaming about but never knew!

portable prefab cabin near cuba missouri

Nobody really wants their cabin to be a bland eyesore that looks like everyone else’s, and maybe the term “portable cabin” is conjuring up the wrong idea in your mind, so let’s set the record straight.

What Is A Portable Cabin?

A portable cabin may not be what you are thinking. It’s not a cabin on wheels, a tiny house, or even a fancy way to say camper. A Portable Cabin is a fully-built cabin shell that is produced in our local shop and transported to the final site via a delivery truck. Portable Cabins are sometimes known as prefab cabins. Typically, if you get your portable cabin from a reputable local builder like ours, your cabin will not only be high quality, but it will also be customizable. In fact, check out our 3-D builder to design your Standard Cabin, Lofted Cabin, or Estate Cabin today!

Are Portable Cabins One Size Fits All?

Unlike a big box store, we believe in making custom Portable Cabins for you, our customers. You are unique, and being sold something that feels inauthentic to you does not feel good. We treat our customers to the best experience and service we can. We will walk with you to customize your Portable Cabin. Our Portable Cabins put you in the designer’s chair, making your custom dream come to life.

How Much Am I Able To Customize My Portable Cabin?

We let you customize anything we can. We use residential grade material so that you can rest assured that your Portable Cabin is built with excellence. Our teamwork approach will guide you through the creative process as much as you like. Looking for a metal roof or want a traditional shingle roof? We can do either! Want a dedicated door style or a different window placement? Not a problem. With our wide selection of Sherwin William paint colors, we can totally customize the walls and trim of your cabin. With us, your trusted local builder, your design is what works best for you and the memories you want to make. We are here to make your dream come to life.

estate portable cabin near st louis

Your Custom-Built Dream

Building YOUR dream is OUR dream come true. We have built portable cabins on every type of budget. Our customers say building their portable cabin was easier, more cost-effective, and more relaxing than any other option they found. Living in their newly built portable cabin has given them the cozy and comfortable feeling they were looking for.

Your Dreams Made Whole

What build options are available for my Portable Cabin?

We offer 3 Portable Cabin Models. We offer a Standard Cabin, a Lofted Cabin, and an Estate Cabin. We stand behind each one of our Portable Cabins. However, each cabin has its advantages in the way that it is designed.

The Standard Cabin

Our Standard Prefab Cabin is our starting point in our world of Portable Cabins. This cabin is a great addition to any new or existing property you own. This cabin gives you your own space for crafting, music hobbies, or as an outpost for your next hunting or fishing trip. This is also an excellent option for a guest space on your existing property. Even in our most basic models, we are true to our mission: YOU dream it, WE build it! 

The Lofted Cabin

Our Lofted Cabin is our next Portable Cabin option. When looking at The Lofted Portable Cabin you may be wondering: “Is it worth the difference from a Standard Cabin to a Lofted Cabin”? The lofted cabin is a great way to get more space out of an already existing footprint. The Lofted Cabin allows you to have a larger main space for gathering together in your new portable cabin. Having the lofted area gives you peace of mind knowing that your hunting equipment is in a safe area away from children. Additionally, this loft can be used as a sleeping or hang-out space. Imagine all the new memories that will be made when you can fit more people in this portable cabin space. If you love dreaming up the idea for your Standard Cabin, you will love dreaming up the options we can make happen in this space also.

The Estate Cabin

Our Estate Cabin is our top-tier option in our line of Portable Cabins. Imagine all the fun you and your friends will have as you make memories, tell “The one that got away story” or have your annual family reunion at your “Weekend Estate”. Like our other models, you take control of the high-end finishes, porch size, and window count. No matter what this space is used for, we know that your customized Portable Estate Cabin will build bonds with family and friends beyond the weekend.

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How To Know If A Portable Cabin Is The Best Solution

What makes any one of our Portable Cabins better than a “Traditional Cabin”?

With all the customizable features of our portable cabins, you are more than likely thinking about the infamous question “How much is this going to cost in the end”? There are three major factors that make portable cabins more affordable than a traditional cabin.

1. A traditional concrete foundation is not required for the installation of a portable cabin. In fact, many of our customers use a gravel base similar to what is used for a shed.

2. A quality portable cabin is built in a local shop and takes advantage of more efficient labor and allows for less waste.

3. Your dream cabin is going to take less time to construct than a traditional cabin, ultimately saving you money and putting it into what you want. Any one of these factors makes these cabins more customizable and more affordable, but with all of them together, we feel that this makes getting a 5 Star Portable Cabin a triple win!

How do I know which building options are best for me?

With multiple building options, you find yourself wondering: “What portable cabin suits my needs best”? Is it the simplicity and compact size of the standard cabin, the additional space offered by a lofted cabin, or the luxury of an Estate Cabin? If you feel paralyzed by the options we offer in design, reach out and talk to us, we are always happy to help our customers find the best solutions to their custom dreams.

Delivering A Portable Cabin

Getting your cabin delivered is the most fun part of the whole project. Fortunately, this process is really simple at 5 Star Buildings. Here is a quick video that we made that demonstrates what it takes to get ready for delivery day. If you have ever had a storage shed delivered, you will see that the process is the same.

Investing in your Dream

Everyone worries about whether they are making the right decision when spending their hard-earned money. All of us here, at 5 Star Buildings, are no different from you. We want the best product that our money can buy us.  Making an investment in one of our portable Cabins is no different. With our commitment to faith, honesty, and integrity being at the forefront of all we do, we know your dream can be built by us. And if having the cash on hand right away is an issue, take a look at our rent-to-own program. Here we can help you to fund all or part of your portable cabin.

Get in touch with us today, we will start by listening to your ideas for your cabin. Then we will team up with you to develop a plan to make your dreams come true, and finish with a portable cabin that you will love for generations to come. As we say here at 5 Star Buildings: ”YOU dream it, WE build it”!

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Just for clarity: When we talk about “woodshed,” we are not talking about a place to keep your firewood dry! We are talking about the advantages of getting a shed made from wood using high-quality residential standards of construction. With that out of the way, let’s learn why a wood shed is such a great addition to your home!

Which Material Is Best for Your Shed? 

Are you looking to buy a shed and wondering which material is best? You may be stuck between a wood shed, a plastic shed, or maybe even a metal shed. You may wonder, what is the cost difference between materials? Which one lasts longer? What other factors do I need to consider when buying a shed? And what wood is the best if I choose a wood shed? Let’s talk about these materials and see which one is the best for you and what things you should consider before you buy.

Plastic Sheds:

Plastic, resin, polyethylene, and vinyl are some of the names for the variety of materials used for plastic sheds. Plastic sheds are one of the more recent types of sheds. Plastic sheds are touted for their lower cost, durability, and convenience of maintenance and assembly, but they score low on visual appeal.

How is Wood Better than Plastic?

To answer this question, let’s look at four significant factors. First, when you want to buy a shed, one of the important things you think about is its price. When we compare plastic to wooden sheds, overall, plastic sheds are cheaper than wood sheds. However, in the case of plastic sheds, lower-cost means lower quality.

The next factor to think about is appearance. A quality wood shed looks like it belongs on your property. Wooden sheds are classy and extremely customizable. You can change the paint color whenever necessary. A custom builder can often make your shed look exactly like your house, which means it will look completely natural in your yard and neighborhood. This is not possible with plastic sheds.

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Usability is another crucial consideration when choosing a shed type. With a wood shed, you can build your own storage compartments, hang items on the wall, and connect items to the shed’s exterior. You cannot easily add or attach things to plastic.

And finally, the last important factor is durability. Although plastic sheds are often sold for their durability, they can suffer from warping over time, which will further hinder their aesthetics. A properly maintained wood shed in most cases will last much longer than a plastic shed, while looking outstanding.

Metal Sheds

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A metal shed is not as attractive as a wood shed and is not as easy to assemble as plastic sheds. However, metal sheds generally perform well in most climates and remain a popular option for some people.

What Makes A Wood Shed Better Than Metal?

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While wood and metal are both durable options, each material has its own set of pros and cons. Metal is generally less expensive, but it is more difficult to modify and may require the use of specialized tools such as welders, sheet folders, and angle grinders if you need to make changes. Metal sheds are generally long-lasting, but they can be prone to rust and corrosion, and you need to be wary of builders who don’t follow top quality building standards.

While metal sheds can sometimes look nice, they are generally not the most appealing sheds. It is hard to get a metal shed to match the style of most neighborhoods and homes. This is why the look of metal sheds can end up being the most serious drawback. Wood sheds can be customized to your exact specifications in terms of size and shape and painted the exact color you want.

What Features Should You Look For In A Wood Shed?

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Not all wood sheds are created equal. Typically, local wood shed builders offer features that make them significantly better than wood sheds from big box stores. When conducting your research, pay attention to the standard features as well as any additional options that the builder may provide. Let’s go over some of the key features to look for when you are purchasing a woodshed. These are all features that we care about deeply here at 5-Star Buildings, and they are features that you should think about no matter where you choose to purchase your shed.

Flooring System:

A shed floor is made up of three components that must be considered to provide a sturdy, durable, and stable surface. A proper flooring system is key to the overall longevity of your shed.

Pressure Treated Skids:

Pressure-treated 4×6’s are the best way to go for your skids because the skids will be the foundation of your new woodshed. The skids are key to the long-term durability of your shed. They should be pressure treated to prevent rot and decay. Although using 4×4 skids are generally considered sufficient for storage buildings, going with 4×6 skids will give you the added assurance that you are doing everything possible to provide long-term protection for your building.

High Quality Joists:

wood shed solid joists on sheds in cuba missouri

The floor joists are another key ingredient to the overall quality of your flooring system. Here are the questions you should be asking about the floor joists of your new shed:

1. Are they pressure treated?

If you want your shed to last, this is another critical feature that you should demand. The joists are supporting the subfloor and all your valuables you put in your shed. You cannot afford to have them rot out.

2. How far are they spaced apart?

At 5-Star Buildings, all of our floor joists are spaced at 16″ on center. This ensures that your shed will support the weight of whatever you need to store in it over the long haul.

3. What size are they?

Related to floor joist spacing is the size of the joists themselves. While typical floor joists are 2×4’s, we use 2×6’s at 5-Star Buildings. It gives our customers one more level of confidence that their shed can handle the weight of literally anything that they choose to store in it.

High Quality Sub Flooring:

excellent wood shed construction in missouri

Make sure that your wood shed’s subfloor is not simply cheap plywood. 3/4″ Advantech tongue and groove OSB is what we like to use because it is a durable residential product that is rated for 50 years.

Wall System:

Stud Spacing:

16-inch studs are a typical building standard in all new homes. However, studs in sheds are often spaced at 24-inches. 16-inch studs are ideal to use in shed structures, because it provides assurance that your walls will not twist or warp over time. In addition, studs that are placed 16″ on center ensure that your shed and everything inside will be safe even in high impact weather events, like high winds and snow.

studs 16 inches on center in wood sheds made in missouri

Siding and Trim

Exterior siding and trim should be made to withstand the worst weather conditions since they will be exposed to the most damage from rain and sun. Pay attention to the wood siding and paint that is used on your shed. LP Smart Siding is an outstanding option that is rot-resistant and rated for 50 years.

hand rolled paint for high end wood sheds in missouri

The paint you use on your shed is also extremely important. Durable paint like Sherwin Williams Super Paint is a good choice since it is rated for 25 years.

Roof System:


You want your shed to be able to handle the elements. Trusses play a big role in contributing to the overall stability of your shed. You want to make sure that the trusses are spaced at least 24′ on center and made from quality 2×4’s. For buildings wider than 16′, we always recommend going with 2×6’s. If you are really serious about getting the best of the best in woodsheds, go with our Estate Series. The Estate Series comes standard with 2×6 trusses spaced at 16′ on center.

solid roof system in missouri wood sheds


best 30 year shingles for wood sheds in missouri

You definitely want to protect your roof from driving winds and rain, so having the right shingles on your shed makes a big difference. We use residential-style 30-year architectural shingles. These shingles have excellent durability and a history of withstanding serious weather events.

Ready To Get Your Very Own High-Quality Woodshed?

I hope that this has given you some helpful things to think about concerning sheds and shed quality. For more information on wood sheds from 5 Star Buildings check out our Garden Shed, Estate Shed, Lofted Barn, and Mini Barn models.

Or, if you don’t think a wood shed will not fit your needs, we would recommend checking out our cabins and garages. Both of these products make for great storage solutions and are built to the same standards as our wooden sheds.

We have helped many folks in Missouri get the best in beautiful, durable, and long-lasting wood sheds, and we would be thrilled to help you as well!


Talking about her shed, this happy 5-Star customer said: “The construction quality is the best for the price. Delivery and set up was easy in a not-so-easy situation. Beyond that, the building is beautiful. It really is the talk of the whole neighborhood!” Like Jackie, I think every shed buyer wants to be able to honestly say this about their own shed. However, there are some important factors to consider before buying your shed. In this blog, we’ll quickly point out some of these factors so that you can also join the happy chorus of storage sheds. So, with no further ado, let’s dive into three pitfalls to watch out for before buying storage sheds.

Pitfall #1:
Buying A Shed That’s Too Small

This is perhaps one of the most infamous traps customers fall into when purchasing storage sheds. By the time you find out about it, it’s too late; the shed’s been bought, and the damage has been done. In short, you still have clutter in your house, and your shed is also packed full of storage items. Some of the main reasons for buying a shed are to reduce stress and clutter. If you buy a shed that is too small, both of these problems are still there, and you haven’t made much progress towards a finer life!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Yea, I agree, I don’t want to buy a shed that is too small, but I don’t know how much space I need in the first place.” A helpful way to solve this problem is to write out a list of all the storage items that’ll go into your shed. From your list of storage items, draw a rough conclusion of how much space you’ll need. This is one easy and very practical way to figure out the size of your shed.

Buying a big enough shed is like buying big enough shoes. Just like buying shoes that are a size larger is often smart, getting a shed that is a half-size or even a size larger is a safe way to make sure that you’ll have the proper amount of storage space. You never know when the toes of clutter might grow a little larger. If you want a rough idea of what shed you may need, LP Building Solutions has a quality guide to help steer you in the right direction. Keep in mind, though; we do not build every shed size suggested by this tool.

Pitfall #2:
Buying A Low-Quality Shed

This is a common problem that can be easily avoided if you take the time to prepare properly. Seeing “beautiful” sheds at extremely low prices on the Internet may be tempting at first but ask yourself several questions before making any quick decisions.

Why are these storage sheds so cheap? This may seem very obvious, but cheap sheds are often made from cheap materials. Your shed may have been extremely affordable in the beginning, but 5-10 years down the road your shed might be looking more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Ok, not quite, but you get the point.

Secondly, ask yourself, “Does this company offer an extended warranty?” Whether a warranty comes with the shed or not can be a factor in how reputable a company’s sheds and the company itself are.

At 5-Star Buildings, we offer a 10-year warranty on all of our storage buildings; this allows you to rest assured that your building will be in good shape for many years to come. We are also proud to say that we have gone the extra mile as far as the standards for our storage sheds. Our storage sheds are made with 2×6 Floor Joists instead of the common 2×4 Floor Joists. This creates a stronger and more robust flooring system upon which the floors of our storage sheds rest. Although it is not uncommon for shed companies to use 5/8” flooring for their sheds, we have chosen to use 3/4” flooring for our storage sheds. This gives you a solid and sturdy floor no matter what you are looking to store in your shed.

Pitfall #3:
Not Preparing A Location

Another thing to consider before making your shed purchase is finding and preparing the best place possible in your backyard for your storage shed. If you skip this step, your shed may end up in a place on your property that not only looks bad but also might be harmful to your shed in the future.

As Easy As 1-2-3

Let’s come around full-swing and just highlight some of the main points. Remember to make sure that you buy a shed that has the right amount of storage space for your storage needs. Also, when you are shed shopping, remember to look for are sheds that are made from quality materials. And finally, carefully plan and prepare the right location for your shed. If you want to learn more bout location prep click here. Well, I’ve done enough talking. Go browse our selection of quality storage sheds, garages, and cabin sheds. It’s time for you to begin your shed-shopping adventure!