The Best Wood Shed Models of Missouri

Just for clarity: When we talk about “woodshed,” we are not talking about a place to keep your firewood dry! We are talking about the advantages of getting a shed made from wood using high-quality residential standards of construction. With that out of the way, let’s learn why a wood shed is such a great addition to your home!

Which Material Is Best for Your Shed? 

Are you looking to buy a shed and wondering which material is best? You may be stuck between a wood shed, a plastic shed, or maybe even a metal shed. You may wonder, what is the cost difference between materials? Which one lasts longer? What other factors do I need to consider when buying a shed? And what wood is the best if I choose a wood shed? Let’s talk about these materials and see which one is the best for you and what things you should consider before you buy.

Plastic Sheds:

Plastic, resin, polyethylene, and vinyl are some of the names for the variety of materials used for plastic sheds. Plastic sheds are one of the more recent types of sheds. Plastic sheds are touted for their lower cost, durability, and convenience of maintenance and assembly, but they score low on visual appeal.

How is Wood Better than Plastic?

To answer this question, let’s look at four significant factors. First, when you want to buy a shed, one of the important things you think about is its price. When we compare plastic to wooden sheds, overall, plastic sheds are cheaper than wood sheds. However, in the case of plastic sheds, lower-cost means lower quality.

The next factor to think about is appearance. A quality wood shed looks like it belongs on your property. Wooden sheds are classy and extremely customizable. You can change the paint color whenever necessary. A custom builder can often make your shed look exactly like your house, which means it will look completely natural in your yard and neighborhood. This is not possible with plastic sheds.

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Usability is another crucial consideration when choosing a shed type. With a wood shed, you can build your own storage compartments, hang items on the wall, and connect items to the shed’s exterior. You cannot easily add or attach things to plastic.

And finally, the last important factor is durability. Although plastic sheds are often sold for their durability, they can suffer from warping over time, which will further hinder their aesthetics. A properly maintained wood shed in most cases will last much longer than a plastic shed, while looking outstanding.

Metal Sheds

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A metal shed is not as attractive as a wood shed and is not as easy to assemble as plastic sheds. However, metal sheds generally perform well in most climates and remain a popular option for some people.

What Makes A Wood Shed Better Than Metal?

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While wood and metal are both durable options, each material has its own set of pros and cons. Metal is generally less expensive, but it is more difficult to modify and may require the use of specialized tools such as welders, sheet folders, and angle grinders if you need to make changes. Metal sheds are generally long-lasting, but they can be prone to rust and corrosion, and you need to be wary of builders who don’t follow top quality building standards.

While metal sheds can sometimes look nice, they are generally not the most appealing sheds. It is hard to get a metal shed to match the style of most neighborhoods and homes. This is why the look of metal sheds can end up being the most serious drawback. Wood sheds can be customized to your exact specifications in terms of size and shape and painted the exact color you want.

What Features Should You Look For In A Wood Shed?

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Not all wood sheds are created equal. Typically, local wood shed builders offer features that make them significantly better than wood sheds from big box stores. When conducting your research, pay attention to the standard features as well as any additional options that the builder may provide. Let’s go over some of the key features to look for when you are purchasing a woodshed. These are all features that we care about deeply here at 5-Star Buildings, and they are features that you should think about no matter where you choose to purchase your shed.

Flooring System:

A shed floor is made up of three components that must be considered to provide a sturdy, durable, and stable surface. A proper flooring system is key to the overall longevity of your shed.

Pressure Treated Skids:

Pressure-treated 4×6’s are the best way to go for your skids because the skids will be the foundation of your new woodshed. The skids are key to the long-term durability of your shed. They should be pressure treated to prevent rot and decay. Although using 4×4 skids are generally considered sufficient for storage buildings, going with 4×6 skids will give you the added assurance that you are doing everything possible to provide long-term protection for your building.

High Quality Joists:

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The floor joists are another key ingredient to the overall quality of your flooring system. Here are the questions you should be asking about the floor joists of your new shed:

1. Are they pressure treated?

If you want your shed to last, this is another critical feature that you should demand. The joists are supporting the subfloor and all your valuables you put in your shed. You cannot afford to have them rot out.

2. How far are they spaced apart?

At 5-Star Buildings, all of our floor joists are spaced at 16″ on center. This ensures that your shed will support the weight of whatever you need to store in it over the long haul.

3. What size are they?

Related to floor joist spacing is the size of the joists themselves. While typical floor joists are 2×4’s, we use 2×6’s at 5-Star Buildings. It gives our customers one more level of confidence that their shed can handle the weight of literally anything that they choose to store in it.

High Quality Sub Flooring:

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Make sure that your wood shed’s subfloor is not simply cheap plywood. 3/4″ Advantech tongue and groove OSB is what we like to use because it is a durable residential product that is rated for 50 years.

Wall System:

Stud Spacing:

16-inch studs are a typical building standard in all new homes. However, studs in sheds are often spaced at 24-inches. 16-inch studs are ideal to use in shed structures, because it provides assurance that your walls will not twist or warp over time. In addition, studs that are placed 16″ on center ensure that your shed and everything inside will be safe even in high impact weather events, like high winds and snow.

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Siding and Trim

Exterior siding and trim should be made to withstand the worst weather conditions since they will be exposed to the most damage from rain and sun. Pay attention to the wood siding and paint that is used on your shed. LP Smart Siding is an outstanding option that is rot-resistant and rated for 50 years.

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The paint you use on your shed is also extremely important. Durable paint like Sherwin Williams Super Paint is a good choice since it is rated for 25 years.

Roof System:


You want your shed to be able to handle the elements. Trusses play a big role in contributing to the overall stability of your shed. You want to make sure that the trusses are spaced at least 24′ on center and made from quality 2×4’s. For buildings wider than 16′, we always recommend going with 2×6’s. If you are really serious about getting the best of the best in woodsheds, go with our Estate Series. The Estate Series comes standard with 2×6 trusses spaced at 16′ on center.

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best 30 year shingles for wood sheds in missouri

You definitely want to protect your roof from driving winds and rain, so having the right shingles on your shed makes a big difference. We use residential-style 30-year architectural shingles. These shingles have excellent durability and a history of withstanding serious weather events.

Ready To Get Your Very Own High-Quality Woodshed?

I hope that this has given you some helpful things to think about concerning sheds and shed quality. For more information on wood sheds from 5 Star Buildings check out our Garden Shed, Estate Shed, Lofted Barn, and Mini Barn models.

Or, if you don’t think a wood shed will not fit your needs, we would recommend checking out our cabins and garages. Both of these products make for great storage solutions and are built to the same standards as our wooden sheds.

We have helped many folks in Missouri get the best in beautiful, durable, and long-lasting wood sheds, and we would be thrilled to help you as well!