Vast Variety of Sheds For Sale in St. Louis M.O.

In your busy life, you have acquired so many special things for you and your family. Maybe it is the wagon you take your children on a walk with every day. Perhaps, it is the Christmas lights that make you stand out from everyone else. It could even be your hunting supplies that make it possible to tell the next great story.  No matter what your belongings are, you want to make sure that they are all stored and taken properly cared for. That is where 5-Star Buildings comes in with amazing sheds for sale built right here in Missouri. Whether you are in St. Louis, Chester Field or Fenton we are just a drive away from building your custom storage shed!

estate sheds for sale in fenton mo

The Estate Shed

We know you love your house. It has everything you want, except enough space to store those extra odds and ends you have collected over the years. Let us give your yard the facelift it has been asking for! Our Estate Sheds give you the classy look Ozzie Smith would do back flips over! This Estate Model is a shed that features beautiful upgrades like extra roof overhang and a steeper roof pitch for that classier feel.

mini barn shed for sale in saint louis missouri

The Mini Barn Shed

Are you searching for a shed that gives you the farm-chic look? Check out our Mini-barns! These sheds are both affordable and compact giving you the best ability to stretch your dollars and storage space. What more could you ask for than affordable quality, design, and storage?!

custom made sheds in st louis mo for sale

Custom Built Sheds In Saint Louis, M0

Do you need a shed that we haven’t shown you? Maybe, your storage needs are different than the average Joe. Or maybe you just want to talk about how we can make an adjustment to one that we have a standard build for. As you can see, we can build them as traditional or as wild and fun as you like!

Come see for Yourself!

With all these options you may want to come and see the sheds we have for sale in person. Please check out our dealer locations in Fenton, Woodland Lakes, Jefferson City, Barnhart, Missouri!

Cozy Cabin Sheds (When You Want A Retreat From Saint Louis!)

portable cabin prefab cabin for sale in barnhart mo

Do you ever just want to get away from all the noise of urban or suburban life? Our Sheds aren’t just for storage in the yard of your St. Louis home. In addition to the wide variety of sheds that we have for sale, we also offer a wonderful selection of Portable Cabins. Take your dream vacation spot to the lake or the Ozark Highlands. We want to help you get a nice place at your dream location!

Gorgeous Garages In Saint Louis, MO

portable garages for sale in st louis mo

You bought the perfect house, well almost perfect. The property just needs a place for your car (or your toys). When there is inclement weather, who wants to be bothered by the mess of it all? We have a wide variety of portable garages that will fit your needs no matter the size of your vehicle, snow mobile, 4-Wheeler, boat or oversized lawn-mower! All of our pre-fab garages are for sale right here in Missouri and made in Missouri!