Regular Barn

Our Regular Barn offers an economical way to protect your equipment from the elements. Plus, catch a little “old american barn” look with this model. Check out our options page for a large variety colors and options.  Call or contact us 

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Size Price Rent-to-Own option available
8×8 1755
8×12 2165
8×16 2575
10×12 2595
10×16 3085
12×12 3245
12×16 3815
  • 4×6 skids are pressure treated to .60 and rated to be buried in the ground
  • 2×6 treated Floor Joist (except 8’ wide buildings). One sturdy floor.
  • Floor Joist Spaced at 16” centers and secured by using 6″ screws.
  • ¾” Tongue & Groove Advantec Flooring creates one of the finest floors

Stated Width Vs. Actual Floor Width

Due to hauling permits restrictions and overhangs floors are reduced.
All Models (except Estate)
  • 8’ wide measure 8’
  • 10’ wide measure 10’
  • 12’ wide measure 11’6”
  • 14’ wide measure 13’6”
  • 16’ wide measure 15’6”
Estate Models
  • 10’ wide measure 9’6”
  • 12’ wide measure 11’
  • 14’ wide measure 13’
  • 16’ wide measure 15’
All stated length measurements are exact measurements

  • 2×4 Studs spaced at 16” centers and double interlocking top plate is featured in all our buildings. We use selected grades of lumber for less wane and bark edges. Some defects in lumber will be present because of the nature of wood. Checkout our buildings and let us know what you think of our lumber quality.
  • LP Smartside siding is what we use for siding on all our buildings. This is considered by the manufacturer to be a 50- Year Product. We set the nails by hand to ensure proper depth.
  • We use Smartside trim on all our buildings.
  • High –quality, Hand-rolled paint Job

Walls & Trim Colors

  • 8’-14’ wide buildings have 2×4 Trusses and 16′ Wide buildings have 2×6 trusses Spaced at 24” centers. All buildings have collar ties on every truss unless enough loft is installed to ensure structural integrity.
  • All Estate Series Trusses Spaced at 16” centers. All estate buildings have collar ties on every truss unless enough loft is installed to ensure structural integrity.
  • All our roofs are decked with 7/16″ osb
  • Roofing options
    • Metal Roof Colors


    • 29 Guage Metal (40-year energy-star rated paint) available in many colors installed with proper trims and color matching screws.
    • 30 year Architectural Shingles available in many colors installed with aluminum drip edge and moisture barrier.
  • Ridge vent is now a feature in all our Buildings. This ensures better ventilation.

Wall Height 4′

8′ Barns have a single 4’x6′ Door

10′ & 12′ Barns have double 3’x6′ Doors

  • Heavy-Duty Deadbolts and Adjustable Braces on the inside
  • Threshold protected with aluminum tread plate
  • Black Decorative Hinges and Keyed Latches
  • Wood doors are designed to be Mouse-proof
  • 4 available door trim designs for your buildingdoors


Doors & Windows

Did you know you can customize your dream building? Below are just a few of many possibilities:

  • 2×3 Aluminum Window
  • 3×3 Aluminum Window
  • Foil-backed roof sheeting
  • 4×6 Ramp
  • 36” Solid Steel Door
  • 36” 9-lite Steel Door
  • Loft Door
  • Extra 3’ Wooden Walk Door

Check with your dealer about more options.

Thank you for considering 5-Star Buildings.

In addition to our worry-free “Bumper to Bumper” 5-Year Warranty, you can expect the following:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 2×6 Flooring System (except 8′ wide buildings)
  • 3/4″ Advantec Flooring
  • Standard Ridge Vent
  • Ultimate Paint Job
  • Completely Customizable
  • Professional Delivery
  • Friendly Rent-to-Own
  • Mouse Proof
  • And more…